Atomic Bombs

Atomic Bombs (Essay Sample)

Atomic Bombs
There are several weapons that are used by soldiers to fight. The most commonly used weapon is the AK 47 riffle. All soldiers are trained to use this weapon because it can be carried easily during the war. Countries have fought over several things. It may be to become dominant, to acquire and control resources or to make sure that the country becomes a superpower. These driving factors have made them develop various ways and weapons that could Essen their war. Countries like the United States of America and Japan have gone ahead to make nuclear bombs and atomic bombs that could easily kill everyone. These weapons have a great impact since it can destroy the whole nation or even a region depending on the size. This makes atomic bombs more dangerous than any the weapons. Atomic bombs are weapons that use nuclear reactors. The first atomic bombs were first developed by the scientist during the world war two. Since then it has been used twice in the world. The United States and Japan are the only ones who have used atomic bombs.

Atomic bombs have a huge impact on the body of human beings. It is advisable that it should not be used again because of the negative results. Nuclear scientists made a discovery about the atomic bombs in the year 1938. It was after the discovery of nuclear fission. Radioactive materials contain atoms; these atoms split into lighter atoms which later release nuclear energy. These discoveries led to the development of huge nuclear bombs as well as the atomic bombs. Atomic bombs get their energy from nuclear reactors and the process of nuclear fission. This essay seeks to describe the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, the cold war, crisis in Cuba and the countries that have illegal nuclear bombs

Nagasaki and Hiroshima Bombing
At Los Alamos, scientists developed two different bombs in the year 1945. ?he first is the uranium-based design and the second one is known as the plutonium-based weapon. In other words, it was called ‘the fat man.’ Japan and the United States continued to fight in the Pacific even when the war in Europe had ended. In the late July, the United States president who was called Harry Truman gave a delectation that ?apan should surrender fighting. However, there was still a misunderstanding so there was no agreement. Due to the disagreement, the United States dropped its first atomic bomb. The bomb came from a bomb plane known as Enola Gay. The atomic bomb descended at the heart of Hiroshima and made a great impact. It was recorded that over eighty thousand people died instantly while the other ten thousand died due to the exposure of the radiation. Atomic has proved to have great damage. The most irritating part is when the innocent people perished instantly while the remaining was affected by the radiation. Having such an impact on the human race is really hurting. However, Japanese did not surrender. This made the United States drop another bomb that killed over forty thousand citizens in Nagasaki. The aim of the United States was to drop it in kokura but it landed in Nagasaki. Japan had various plants in the city and the smoke above made the sky not clear. However, due to the impact, the president of Japan decided to give up and surrender.

Cold War
In the recent years, the United States was the only state that had nucleus weapon at that time. Other countries lacked the materials and human resource to help in the manufacture of nuclear bombs. However, years went by and USSR obtained their spies on the ground and later they obtained the blueprint that was used to make the bombs. In the year 1949, Russia tested the atomic bombs. As a result, the United States decided to respond by making a thermonuclear weapon that was much greater. The cold war had started and it was a pleasure to several countries since they had obtained the skills of making the bombs. Atomic bombs need a scientist who can make discoveries and then test. Having knowledgeable people on earth only made it easier because it was easy for them to make these nuclear bombs.

Cuban Missile Crisis
Years went by and counties as China and Britain developed their nuclear bombs, other countries also made thousands of warheads that they were to use in case of any war. As there were many observers on land at that time, the world appeared to be nuclear oriented; since each and every great country had developed the nuclear bombs. This made president John Kennedy to enactnavel blockhead in Cuba and he made it clear the United States for whichever reason was ready to use their nuclear missile. This was after, Russia installing nuclear missile on Cuba. War was avoided when the two mad an agreement. Russia decided to withdraw their nuclear missile as the United States promised not to invade Cuba.

Illegal Nuclear Weapon Countries
Some countries wanted to make their own nuclear bombs even after they had made agreements. India was the first nation to be out of the NPT test of a nuclear weapon. The rest of the countries which did not sign the NPT included Israel, Pakistan, and Israel. Israel is one of the countries know to have delay nuclear though it has not been confirmed. It is a country that many nations have feared due to the possibility of having great nuclear bombs. North Korea had signed the NPT but in the year 2006, it withdrew from the agreement. However, of late North Korea has been on standby frequently testing the nuclear bombs. It has posted a great threat since their president has always been driven by the fact that his country will soon become a superpower. Recently, NorthKorea tested two long ranged missiles. The test proved that it could reach the land in the United States. In November 2017, North Korea proved that that possess, hydrogen bomb which has a great impact on people’s lives. Atomic bombs pose a great danger to the human races. Countries should agree to sign up a new law that regulates the use of atomic bombs. Signs are clear that in case war arises, people will perish because of the impact.

Atomic bombs were first made by the scientist and it has grown in various countries. The United States first dropped the first nuclear bomb and the impact was evident enough. Lives were lost, various diseases arose. Atomic bombs clearly are a threat. Every country should consider having a nuclear bomb as their last priority. The countries in the world right now should not use nuclear bombs at any cost. 

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