Causes and effects of global warming

Causes and effects of global warming
Global warming remains one of the biggest concerns nowadays. We still have not come up with a working solution to preserve the planet in its current state. Due to the fact that the issue in question is rather difficult, writing term papers dealing with this issue can become a very daunting task. One needs to get to the bottom of the problem, which includes conducting research and supporting one’s theoretical findings with examples. In other words, term paper assistance will definitely be needed.

Causes of global warming
One of the main causes of global warming is the continuous burning of fossil fuels. In order to have electricity, we burn coal and gas. As a result of that, CO2 is released into the atmosphere. In such a way, the generation of electricity is one of the biggest causes of carbon pollution. What we need to do is to sufficiently reduce the amount of electricity that is generated from gas or coal and use alternative energy sources instead. Less carbon pollution will be emitted. It is one of those doable things we can do in order to address the issue of global warming.

Deforestation is another cause of global warming. Forests are cut off in order to get more land for building and farming. The problem is that we need plants and trees to regulate the climate due to the fact that they can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the atmosphere. Taking into account the fact that huge amounts of vegetation are removed nowadays, stored carbon is simply released back into the air we breathe in the form of CO2. Statistical data shows that one fifth of global greenhouse pollution is produced because of deforestation (WWF). Farming should also be mentioned when the issue in question is global warming. Such animals as cattle and sheep produce methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Taking into consideration the fact that the amount of meat consumers is constantly growing, more farming lands are created and more animals are bred with the goal of meeting the needs of hungry consumers. What it presupposes is that even more methane is produced in the atmosphere. In addition, livestock typically graze on large scales and that is a huge contributor to the problem of global warming, as substantial amounts of methane are produced in one place. Some farmers also tend to use nitrous oxide, which is another type of greenhouse gas. The best option here is to eat less meat or even to go vegan. Clearly, the latter seems rather unrealistic—especially nowadays—but what one person can do is switch to poultry instead of beef as well as consume less meat that comes from sheep or cattle. Even though it seems like a small step, it will have a positive effect if the majority of the population all over the world starts doing it.

Apart from this, one should also mention human activity in general as one of the contributing factors to global warming. We tend to live our lives in a rather irresponsible way, thinking that buying another plastic bottle instead of using a reusable one or driving a car to work instead of using public transportation will not cause any harm. However, even such small actions have severe consequences for the planet, especially when the majority of the population does it on a daily basis. For this reason, it is vital to become more responsible and more sustainable, and think twice before we make a purchase. There are tons of ways in which we can live our lives comfortably and do no harm to the planet. The problem is that only a small number of people is well-informed regarding this issue. Thus, popularizing sustainable living is one of those little changes anyone can do to help the planet deal with the problem of global warming.

Effects of global warming
We will continue to experience hotter days: temperatures will continue to rise and we will observe the process of breaking the record for the hottest day more and more often. Rising sea levels is another serious effect of global warming. Because of increased ocean temperatures, glaciers and ice caps are melting all over the world. As a result, the volume of water in oceans is increasing. The biggest concern regarding the latter is that coastal cities and low-lying islands may eventually disappear.

Another aspect to highlight is the abundance of extreme weather events. To specify, such events as droughts, cyclones, hurricanes, bushfires, and floods happen more often these days. The reason for this is simple: global warming. Unfortunately, this process cannot be stopped completely. The good news is that it can at least be slowed down. Again, human activity is the main cause of global warming as well as the main solution to the problem. What it presupposes is that humankind needs to change its way of life in order to save the planet and make sure that the next generations will have a planet to live on.

What should also be mentioned in regards to the effects of global warming is the process of acidifying and the warming of oceans. Most carbon dioxide and extra heat is absorbed by the oceans. As a result, seas and oceans become warmer and more acidic. Thus, coral reefs are bleached by those warm acidic waters, not to mention the fact that this process also creates stronger storms. The acidity of oceans has a negative impact on shellfish. It may even potentially destroy marine life, which will disrupt the whole ecosystem of the planet.
The poorest nations on the planet will unfortunately be the ones who get hit the hardest by the effects of global warming. The most vivid examples of countries that are currently at risk include the Philippines, Vietnam, and a few others in Southeast Asia and in the Pacific.

Apart from that, there is a substantial possibility that both growing seasons and frost-free seasons will lengthen. Agriculture and ecosystems are affected by this process because of the fact that heat-trapping gas emissions keep increasing. What should also be specified is that in the future, we may no longer have four distinct seasons, as the lines between summer and autumn will be blurry. In addition, there is no need to dwell upon the dangers of hurricanes these days. They occur more and more often. If we continue leading the way of life we do right now, we should definitely expect more hurricanes in different parts of the world. They will become more intense as well. In addition, if the climate continues to get warmer, the intensity of hurricane-associated storms will intensify. The problem is that we still do not exactly know how human activity influences the rates of hurricane occurrence and its intensification.

Impact of global warming on the U.S. and Australia
In terms of these countries, it is important to focus on regional changes. For instance, people living in the Northeast should expect heavy downpours and heat waves, not to mention the fact that fields for agriculture and infrastructure, as well as ecosystems in these regions, will be hugely affected. In the Midwest, infrastructure and agriculture will be affected by heavy downpours and extreme heat as well. In addition, the Great Lakes will be exposed to a new level of risks. The Northwest will most likely observe changes in the timing of stream flow as well as significant rises in sea levels . Trees might die off or be strongly affected by the development of tree diseases or insect outbreaks. Ocean acidity is another threat to take into consideration for those people who reside in the Northwest. The Southwest will have to deal with increased wildfires, drought, insect outbreaks, declining water supplies, as well as erosion and flooding in its coastal parts. With the Southeast, the rising of sea levels will become a threat not only to the environment and the everyday lives of people, but also to the economy because the region might face a decrease in water supplies—not to mention the impact it will have on the health of residents (Climate NASA).

The impact global warming has on the life in Australia should be studied in detail as well. To begin with, its ecosystems are in serious danger. To be more specific, ecosystems are currently under a lot of stress because of constant temperature rises, water shortages, pest invasions, droughts, and storm damage. For instance, the Great Barrier Reef is already in huge danger, as it may potentially disappear if human activity does not change for the better. Speaking about species, various species in Australia, one out of six, is currently at risk of extinction and all this is happening because of climate change. What it means is that human activity and the desire to become faster and produce more goods had led to the dire situation we find ourselves in now. Another problem is that a lot of animals and birds cannot adapt to climate changes. As a result, they are forced to move in order to survive. Otherwise, they will simply die. Taking into account the fact that climate changes have become very rapid these days, animals simply do not have enough time to adapt. Thus, they become extinct as they can no longer survive in existing conditions.
What should be mentioned in regards to the field of farming and food in general is that it is severely impacted by constant droughts, changing rainfall patterns, and frequent heat waves. In such a way, growing produce and keeping livestock becomes a real challenge for farmers which in its turn reduces food availability for the whole planet. That is one of the reasons why food is becoming more and more expensive. Water shortage occurs because of reduced rainfall. Australia’s coastline is becoming more and more affected by ocean erosion.

Speaking about health in general, being exposed to constant heat waves has a negative effect on the physical well-being of Australian residents, especially on the elderly. Extreme weather events also produce a lot of damage to homes, and even whole neighborhoods. As a result, people are forced to move to other parts of the country (WWF). What is vital to specify in regards to the subject of global warming and its impact on Australia is that the situation is different depending on the region under consideration. The effects vary from region to region, which means that some parts are more affected than others. So far, urban centers remain less affected. However, rising temperatures and constant heat waves have become common throughout the country. The effects as well as the conditions of living will continue to worsen unless more is done to slow down the process of global warming.

Taking everything into account, global warming is one of the most serious threats we are face today. This article dwells upon the causes of global warming and its effects on our planet and our lives. The issue in question is complex, which is the reason why dealing with term paper writing tasks on this subject has always been a challenge for students. Conducting research is a must, as such a paper should consist of scientific findings, which have to be supported by statistical data and facts in order to prove a point. What it all boils down to is that term paper help in the form of a useful article or an academic writing assistance agency will definitely come in handy.
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