Comprehensive Study on Teacher-Centered Pedagogy in Primary Schools

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Comprehensive Study on Teacher-Centered Pedagogy in Primary Schools
Aims of the Study
To have a thorough understanding of the influence of Teacher-Centered Pedagogy in fostering
effective learning in the classroom.
Proposed Participants
The participants will be both students and teachers from 10 primary schools. The sample
size will include at least 20 students (Aged between 6-10 years) and 10 students (Aged 11-14
years). In addition, 20 teachers who have a two-year teaching experience will be needed (10
from lower classes and 10 from upper classes).
Each teacher will fill out a questionnaire that will be divided into various step-wise
sections. These sections will be titled: Nature of Pedagogy Content Knowledge (PCK), the
Model of PCK, Measurement of PCK and Contexts for Studying PCK. The data obtained will be
analyzed through the T-test method to determine the probability from which one can draw a
conclusion on whether it’s pedagogical, general knowledge or abstract thinking (Gess-Newsome
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The Methodology’s Effectiveness
According to Borowski (2011), the pedagogical Content Knowledge of (JANET
CARLSON, JULIE GESS-NEWSOME) can be determined by the use of the various stepwise
divergences as listed above (Borowski 5). It can also be observed that the nature of their PCK
was knowledge based. Secondly, their Model can show their ability to link teaching strategies to
student learning; therefore resulting in an elaborate understanding of the variations in a student’s
understanding of concepts (Craig 24). Thirdly, a combination of their PCK’s measurement with
that of the Context will show those teachers with stronger knowledge bases capable of improving
student learning The Results when analyzed by the use of MFTB scores, we will be able to
determine the mean, probability and standard deviation (Fischer 440). We therefore arrive at the
conclusion that this method will be effective since we can evaluate any positive and significant
gains in all of the knowledge bases across the program (Wang 11).
Participants Consent
The principals of the various primary schools will be contacted and requested for their
participation. For them who will be willing, privacy forms will then be given to both the
participating teachers and the guardians of the children after a thorough brief about the study.
The participants will be expected to understand the consent form and sign it voluntary; the
participant will also be allowed to withdraw from the study at any time.
Potential Procedures which may cause distress
The study may incorporate questions touching on personal issues. In addition, we will
also be working with children; minor participants are a sensitive issue hence this will be
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considered a potential hazard to the study. To address these issues we will ensure that in no
circumstance whatsoever will a student and or teacher be coerced into participation (Higgins 39).
1. Study Involve Potentially Security sensitive material?
No, it does not involve any Potentially Security Sensitive Material
2. Plan of Work
The project should take a scope of about one year.
April 2017 ? Research proposal submission
May- July 2017 ? Questionnaire Development and
Stationary Purchases
? Data Collection
August 2017 ? Data Analysis and Results
consultation with the supervisor.
September 2017-November 2017 ? Final Report Drafting,
? Final Report Copy
December 2017 ? Handing in of the final copy
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