Disadvantages of EU expansion

The European Union, commonly referred to as EU, is a political and economic union of 27 member states which was established in 1933 with the foundation of the European Economic Community. The EU is an ever-growing organization which adds new countries in its community based on certain criteria that predominantly includes liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. There are various reasons which specifically highlights on the disadvantages of EU expansion. However, some of the earlier reasons included was the immigration of the inhabitants of weak country in the economically established country.

The main disadvantage amongst the many disadvantages of the EU expansion includes the pressures and demands that seem to be forced upon the future members making them to blend along the lines of the EU. This brings a major thoughtful question and fear to ponder upon as it will blur the line of cultural difference which distinguishes each nation with the other. In addition, it also grabs the independence of the new and existing nations in many areas. Maintaining and extending a single currency to the new nation is also a major problem faced by the EU.

The other disadvantages of the EU expansion faced by the new economies includes the migration of skilled workers to the better economic nations for better wages and higher benefits thereby weakening the economy of the home country itself. It will also forge problems in the rural areas of the new nations as the EU will not give subsidies to the farmers who are inefficient. Furthermore, it brings a structural change in the new nations as they will take time to adjust with the new trade of the European Union. It paves a way for the weaker democracy in the EU.

There is a much of hue and cry over the current issue of including Turkey in the European Union, as many people see it bringing more disadvantages of the EU expansion. There is a mixed opinion by the people in including Turkey as a full member of EU as it is considered to be very much Islamic that brings a fear in the mind of the natives that it might bring problems in the region. The country also holds the guilty of insufficient democracy and is criticized for violating the human rights and a lot of money will go for its support.

The European Union has been expanding since 1952 with its founding members being Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany. It had 6 expansions since the time it has been made with the aim to bring prosperity, peace and freedom among the union members. However the decision making capability has certainly gone for a toss as it becomes difficult for the members to come to a consensus over an issue. If EU is able to resolve the issues related to its expansion, it will certainly come out of the various criticisms highlighting its disadvantages of expansion.

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