How to Avoid Freshman 15 in a Healthy Way Life Hacks

How to Avoid Freshman 15 in a Healthy Way
Life Hacks
It’s known as the freshmen 15, 20, 25, or even 35. Young folks walk into college and gain weight because of the dramatic changes to their internal schedules, as well as diet and exercise regimen. In this article we’ll look at 10 ways to stay trim as a college newbie. They’ll help you minimize the excess weight gain that many experience. Staying in great shape throughout your freshmen year doesn’t have to be a hassle!

1. You’re Probably Paying for the Gym – Use It!
For most colleges, a part of your tuition money goes to paying for things like fitness centers and the on-campus gym. As a student you should be able to go workout whenever you want, and you should. Instead of vegging in your dorm room you can go get in shape, stay fit and mingle with others who have the same mindset.

2. Stay Away from Handouts
From welcome baskets and bags to free candy, soda and tons of movie nights with endless amount of butter dripping microwave popcorn. Stay away from the cheap and easy food that gets handed out to freshmen. They’re just trying to welcome new students, make them feel at home and show them quality attention. This stuff adds up, especially drinks that are something other than water.

3. Structure & Be Mindful
The main reason freshmen gain weight is because they have no idea how to structure their eating regimen. They tend to max out their on-campus dining cards way too soon. They tend to buy way too much “dorm room goodies.”
The cafeteria food is always right there, or they eat way too much than they normally would because they face a buffet four time a day. Take some time to plan out your eating schedule to avoid weight loss and you’re sure to do far better than everyone who isn’t.

4. Healthy Snack Grazing
Invest in tons of healthier snacks from the student store or your college’s version of eat street. These days it shouldn’t be hard to get some healthy options that are both nutritious and lower in the fattening department. Focus on 3 square meals a day with three low calories snacks mixed in so that you’re never starving and tempted to gorge. This student grocery list will help you organize a healthy diet plan.

freshman 15

5. Avoid Pizza & Late Snack Food
For two hours on most nights there’s always somewhere on-campus to go get some. Avoid pizza and high energy foods later at night. If you’re trying to give yourself energy for studying, then choose some fresh fruit! Remember, what you don’t burn you gain and for some reason freshmen tend to do more snacking. The juniors and seniors have learned to steer clear.

6. Eat Your Breakfast!
Do NOT skip breakfast. You’re body needs to break the fast from the night before and the sooner you can get your metabolism moving the more calories you’ll burn throughout the day. Furthermore, eating a balanced breakfast means you’ll be more alert and aware during the earlier and later afternoon classes.

7. Get Involved in Sports
If you avoided sports in high school, then now’s the time. It doesn’t have to mean playing for any official school teams either. There are lots of sports activities coordinated through clubs, student groups and organizations throughout the year. Don’t forget about them! They’re a great way to stay fit and make lots of friends you wouldn’t otherwise met.

8. Alcohol Adds Up!
Let’s be honest, a good amount of freshmen once set free from home, tend to drink too much. Or they drink just a little bit far too often and it all adds up quickly. One night of drinking can calorically undue all the hard work throughout the week.

Remember, 3500 calories are equal to roughly one pound of body fat. That’s roughly 23 beers. How many beers to freshmen guzzle throughout their first year? How many pounds is that for you? Stay away from as much alcohol as possible freshmen year. Instead focus on making real friends, getting fabulous grades and making the most of your time.

9. Make Sure to Sleep
Sleeping patterns are absolutely critical to just about everything when it comes to human physiology. From your memory and ability to study, to your ability to build muscle and stay lean. Shoot for at least a minimum of 6 quality hours a night, but 8 would be ideal. That can be hard, but just do the best you can.

10. Take Exercises Classes Every Quarter
Every single quarter there are tons of different exercise-based classes. This could be actually workout classes, sports classes, nutrition etc. They’re great for extra and easy credits! If you can, fit one in each quarter during your freshmen year. It’s going to lay a solid foundation for the rest of your undergraduate adventure.
There are many other ways to stay fit. Do you know any of them? 

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