NR 507 Week 7: Reflection Assignment

NR 507 Week 7: Reflection Assignment
I would like to start by saying this course has been very demanding yet, an enhancing course. The course needed prudent time management so as to complete assignments, readings, quizzes and exams. The advanced pathophysiology course has prepared me to function in an advanced practice role by offering a detailed understanding of the pathophysiological processes, allowing me to predict clinical symptoms, choose evaluative studies, begin appropriate treatments, and plan for possible complications (CCN, 2018).  Insights into the underlying disease process will enable the nurse practitioner for incorporation of current and groundbreaking interventions. Relevant screening and diagnostic testing approaches will also be incorporated.

Program outcome

The MSN course program outcomes included delivering high standard, safe patient centered- care by forging a caring atmosphere and taking part in long lasting personal and professional development and advocating for positive health outcomes in virtue of evidenced-based synergetic advanced nursing practice (CCN, 2018). Course outcomes require exploring pathophysiology processes, investigating the approach in which homeostatic, adaptive and compensative physiologic processes may be sustained or altered through specific interventions, risk factors, and approaches of diagnosis and therapy of health problems in chosen populations and analogous research conclusions to management of patients with multifaceted pathophysiologic dysfunction (CCN, 2018). The course outcomes allow the advance practice nurse to utilize pathophysiology to support clinical decision making concerning diagnosis and therapy of acute and chronic presentations frequently managed by nurse practitioners (CCN, 2018).

MSN Essential

Essential IV: Interpreting and incorporating scholarship into practice (AACN, 2011). The master’s prepared nurse should apply research findings within the practice environment, solve issues, work as a change advocate and promulgates results (AACN, 2011). The case study assignments we did in this class allowed me to employ evidence, clinical discernment and interpreting methods to enhance related outcomes for patient groups (AACN, 2011). The advanced practice nurse must be able to articulate to a diversity of audiences, the evidence-base for practice determinations, in addition to the reliability of sources of evidence and the pertinence to the practice problem encountered (AACN, 2011).

Nurse Practitioner Competencies

Nurse practitioners have an extensive range of knowledge and expertise, which they bring into play in their appraisals and decision making to begin application of interventions to patients (Stanford, 2016). Their work is all evidence-based (Stanford, 2016). Competencies may be seen as a mixture of practical and academic knowledge that enhances performance or the capability to carry out a specific role (Stanford, 2016).  The word advance practice is suggestive and oftentimes conferred in the context of a degree of practice with autonomy supported through skillful knowledge basis and clinical expertise through expanded and extended roles (Stanford, 2016). As advanced practice nurses we should utilize information in this course and use this information to evaluate patients, make diagnosis, order and translate diagnostic exams and conduct treatment plans in addition to prescribing medications as learnt from this course.

NR 507 Week 7: Reflection Assignment References
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