Sex offenders

 Sex offenders in society’s eyes can be described as scum bags, low lives, perverts, and animals. Wouldn’t we all like to be able to describe someone in that exact manner when we do not agree with their crime? Everything has a legal definition and sex offenders can be legally described as someone that commits any unwanted sexual act on anyone of any race, age, and sex. Sex offenders have a very high risk of repeating their offense than any other type of offenders in the criminal justice system do. Many people believe that we should lock them straight away and throw away the key because nothing can change them. When indeed they can be changed if they want to be changed but with so many things that distract their help discourages them. Probation and parole officers are set in place to help sex offenders be placed back in society to become law abiding citizens. Since the officers usually have up to fifty case loads they are not able to give each individual the time that is needed. Another problem with sex offenders is that majority of the time sex offenders are proven to have an extra sexual chromosome. This engages their sexual wants to be in hyper drive which can not be easily controlled without medication. 

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