"The Value of the Internet as a Research Resource"

The internet has played a vital role in the spread of information by being a resource hub across the globe. Also, internet research has further been accelerated by the introduction of the World Wide Web and its development. It is an interface of the Internet that has video, sound and graphical capabilities. There are valuable materials that have been put on the internet by learning institutions. Useful sites have also been created by certain individuals and commercial enterprises. The internet has been a source of gigantic news, propaganda, opinions and facts. This content has since been deemed to be very useful for many students and lecturers. The internet is viewed as being an essential research aspect in matters related to history. Applying the internet as a Historical Research and Writing resource culminates in the location of particular finding aids in the research projects. One can access documents and other lists by following various links provided by directories. The search engine is also an important aid in internet research. The internet comes in handy in researching the history of countries. For instance, looking at the history of America, the internet can provide great facts.

American history based on weekly researched web exercises
While researching the history of the United States of America, there are many articles that I got on the internet. Out of these, the website with “History of the United States of America” search provides useful facts. The site amalgamates information from several books, including the works of Henry William Elson. This site offers full coverage of Maryland’s history, exploring different aspects including execution, trade, leaders, as well as religion. The footnotes located at the page’s bottom further offer high value to the research. Despite lacking images, there are both colored and black and white maps. The link to the web page is http://www.usahistory.info/southern/Maryland.html.

Similarly, a search of the Glorious Revolution on the internet bears many contents. Among the sites that offer efficient information is BBC History. The site has much content concerning the Glorious Revolution and has a very fast loading speed. Having neither advertisements nor pop-ups, the site is ideal for research. Moreover, the site is user-friendly as it is easy to navigate and printing content from it is easy. The web page is based on The Glorious Revolution book of 1688 as well as Dr. Edward Vallance’s ‘Britain’s Fight for Liberty’ of 2006.

While carrying out research on The Declaration of Independence, there is a site that is among the best as it looks like an archive. Despite lacking print dates, this site has links at the bottom of the page. These links give more direction and even give the option of converting the content into pdf. The page also has links at the top, which guide the researcher on the constitution, and the bill of rights among other pieces of information. There are also other links to the Declaration of Independence that are located at the bottom of the page. When doing a Declaration of Independence, one needs to look no further.

Further research of the Whisky Rebellion opens up the use and effectiveness of internet-based research. There is a site from the trade bureau, tobacco and alcohol tax. This is a bureau under the Department of Treasury. It was established in 2003, under the 2002’s Homeland Security Act. The website analyses this rebellion as a public record, having the chronology of the Whiskey Rebellion in a detailed format. The site provides many pictures in its illustration of the subject matter. The page has a fast loading speed with no ads and pop-ups. Written by Michael Hoover and updated in 2012 September, the site is excellent in the provision of information about the Whiskey Rebellion.


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