"Three Major Causes of the American Civil War: Which One Causes was Most Important and Why"

The American Civil War commenced in 1861 and continued till 1865. The Civil War was learned to occur between North & South America. The major causes of the American Civil War were identified to be the prevailing socio-economic divergences which existed between North & South America, ‘states versus federal rights, the clash or disagreement between slave as well as non-slave state supporters, intensification of the Abolition Movement, and the appointment Of Abraham Lincoln.

Furthermore, the major three causes behind the initiation of the Civil War were the existing economic as well as social disparities between North & South America which were identified in the form of imposing tax rates which widely varied between both the regions. State, as well as federal rights, was supposed to be the other factor that gave rise to the American Civil War as the Southern Region of America desired to be entitled to increased state rights instead of the rights in relation to the federal government which was further disagreed and denied by the United States (US) law or government.

The most important factor amongst the others factor which led to the Civil War was the issue of ‘fights and conflicts between slave and non-slave proponents’ which arose between North & South America as North America vehemently opposed the practice of labor whereas, South America supported such labor and slave practices. From the review of the American Civil War, it was deciphered that amid the three chief reasons, the issue or concern of slavery was measured to be the key reason which prompted the Civil War.

The history of America states that prior to 1775, the slavery system was considered a legal process. However, after the American Revolution of 1775-1783, slavery or labor practices were regarded as an illegal measure under the (US) law. Furthermore, it was also observed in this context that after the American Revolution, northern and the political governance prohibited or restricted the practice or system of labor and slavery within the country. However, the establishment of the cotton industry during the 1800s increased the demands and practices of labor and slavery further which even extended to the Southwest.  

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