Ways of Protecting the Environment

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Ways of Protecting the Environment
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Ways of protecting the environment
Environment is the essence of life on earth. It is what helps makes the environment sustainable
for life. The past is full of incidents that have caused damage to the environment. It surely has to
stop. It is for the good of everyone to understand the consequences and manage with what we
have accordingly. Surely, depending on the international environmental organizations for the
welfare of our Mother Earth is not the only option.
We can start small. The concept of using recycled stuff plays a huge role. It is substantially
strong to create a difference. It would not only help with the handling of old and used items, but
it would also cut down the cost of manufacturing. Using recycled stuff is not only eco-friendly
but it is also cheaper than making new. Anything from used paper to metal trash can be
considered. As the term says: one man's trash is another man's treasure. Large organizations
should take the lead there; the individuals also are required to insist on sale and purchase of such
items. The use of third-generation plastics is also a cool idea, something that can be recycled
again and again.
Managing clean water is another way we can protect our environment. About 71% of the Earth’s
surface is water. Of this 96.5% is salty water from the seas. That makes around 3.5% left to us to
drink and manage other household activities. Overuse of water is a common issue these days. We
have to understand that once we have used our share we are merely gambling on someone else’s
water needs. The consequences are that several thousand suffer each day due to unavailability of
clean drinkable water. Places like Africa have severe scarcity of clean water. Therefore, it should
be one's key responsibilities to manage water resources and prevent overuse and waste whenever
possible. Daily several thousand drinkable gallons of water are drained down the gutter as people
show an awkward habit of letting the tap open while brushing teeth. The government should 
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work on how to make more dams so that the rain water could be saved. The individuals too
should understand the responsibility to save and conserve water whenever possible. Similarly,
the waste water can also be used for plants wherever possible. It is the combined effort of all that
will create the difference (Perlman, 2015).
Fossil fuels are a great threat to the environment. Daily thousands of barrels of oil are extracted
from the mother earth and converted to harmful toxic gasses. The environment is badly suffering
from this. It has infected it with problems like pollution and global warming. It is like cancer to
the environment. The outcomes are decisive. The temperature of our earth has risen by 0.9°C in
the last 100 years. Using fossil fuels has become our need but we can limit it. We should rely
more on public transport and walk whenever possible. Conserving electricity and relying more
on using renewable sources of energy is the answer to this overgrowing problem. Remember it is
us who can bring the change for the good or the worse.
All in all, we have to see ourselves and work a way out that involves personal responsibilities
and actions not only for one’s good but for continued survival. Humans are the major
contributors for deteriorating the environment and hence, it has to be us fixing it.
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