Why the Arthurian Legend Is Still Alive Within the Modern World

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Why the Arthurian Legend Is Still Alive Within the Modern World
The Arthurian legend’s existence in modern society is captured in numerous tomes of the
Le Morte d’Arthur. In the very first book the actions of Uther are a typical depiction of the
misuse of power exhibited by current leaders and politicians. Uther Pendragon lusts for Igrayne,
the Duke of Cornwall’s wife, who after her refusal of his efforts, flees the castle with her
husband, but Uther follows them and eventually takes Igraine under the guise of her husband,
while her real husband dies (Malory 7). Uther appears to be accustomed to his desires, and he
uses his power and influence to ensure that he gets what he wants irrespective of the moral
challenges involved.
Igrayne represents an item of desire, which in the modern world may represent economic
supremacy, weapons, natural gas, minerals, or even personal wealth gains. Kings and elected
leaders have been associated with wars, corruption scandals, murder, and persecution of the
opposition throughout history and it occurs to date. Leaders in today’s setting will manipulate or
even use propaganda to support their agendas where wars and subjecting others to torture and
coercion to gain an advantage is common. Democratic nations are not exempt to the concept,
with mud smearing campaigns being the order of the day to discredit or eliminate opponents
politically. Today’s society has minimal regard for right or wrong and often engages both aspects
in pursuit of advantages and positions of power.
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The tale of Lancelot Du Lake is set as a heroic tale of a knight who takes on the forces of
Evil and immorality in his expedition. His choice to seek knightly adventures exposes him to
different situations in which he helps, mainly damsels-in-distress, and gains favor for his actions.
Lancelot is depicted as being charismatic and as a result women fall for him. The knightly ways
contribute to his impact on the community, while his popularity follows his acts of helping the
oppressed. By putting his life on the line, Lancelot has a unique profile of the Knights of the
Round Table, and although he is not acting on the King’s orders, his actions are upright and
Lancelot is today’s definition of a hero, as well as a soldier. The current world has its
tournaments and giants, which require a mastery of skill as well as self-drive for a positive yield.
The case of anti-terrorist efforts by governments and institutions is an area where “Lancelot” can
be found. Soldiers and other military men involved in national security, illegal drug prevention
programs, and crimes fighting among others are part of the modern Lancelot. The contributions
of the characters follow the Good versus Evil battle that has been raging for years in different
King Author is described in the book as the perfect leader, from the sword, challenges,
and teachings he receives, but like many of today’s world leaders was a result of adversity. The
circumstances around the conception of Arthur are not ideal for the family setting, with deceit
being among the irregularities. The situation has similarities with some of the most prolific
leaders in society, as the case of Former President Obama, who hardly knew his father and was
majorly brought up by his grandmother. In conclusion, the story may be fictional, but the
similarities it has to the current society are endless.
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