Adult Nursing Personal Statement

 Surname: 1
Adult Nursing Personal Statement
Throughout my conscious experience, I have spent a significant amount of time as a
hospital bedside sitter. When I was a child, my mother combatted a long-lasting and complicated
disease, and the ambiance of a hospital became usual to me, as I followed her trying to maintain
her spirit. At the same time, I grew fascinated with the work all the nurses of the unit did, not
only in terms of the technical aspects of their obligations but with the moral support they
provided their patients with. Ever since then, nursing is one of the top inspirational professions
for me, along with doctors, police officers, and firefighters. For that reason, being a Nurse
became my ambition and professional aspiration.
Currently, I occupy the position of an Enhanced Support Worker. My responsibilities
include providing care for medical and practical needs of our patients, namely, the facilitating
them. The time I have spent in the company comparatively short time, I managed to progress
within my position and gain additional responsibilities, such as medication administration and
adaptation assistance for the new staff members. Furthermore, throughout my practice, I attended
and arranged reviews of service users, as well as received a nomination for a head office
representative of our service.
The core competencies I acquired working for this company are caregiving routine and
consistency, for they are essential in work with people on the spectrum and learning difficulties
of different scale. I completed extensive training in legal aspects of mental health nursing, such 
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as the Mental Health Act, Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act, and Mental Health
Bill of Rights. Also, I completed an accreditation for NCLD (National Center of Learning
Disabilities). Therefore, I have competencies for solving or physical intervention in situations,
which can be complicated or even violent. Working with any type of behavior, I maintain the
belief that there is a reason for any person to act in a certain way, which is why it is essential for
successful therapy and care to determine the root reason, and base the further treatment on it.
Seeing my patients progress and improve in their condition brings me the sense of gratification
and accomplishment. For that reason, I want to grow in the field I chose and continue my
education in it.
So far, I am proud to have received certificates in ECE in areas including Customer
Service. After that, I plan to take an ECE course in Mental Health and Social Care. Each
qualification I complete contributes my skill set as well as my professional confidence. The
previous training in management, customer relations, and legislation of data protection allow me
to adjust and hopefully succeed in studying nursing. They are adjustable and suitable for my
future growth as a nurse.
Although I happened to regret not aiming to relieve the higher education straight after
the high school period, pursuing the nurse education is my mature and conscious decision.
Today, I realize that I followed the right life choices, which will give me the profession I truly
admire and respect. I am profoundly passionate to become an adult nurse and contribute to
society this way. I believe that my background serves a solid basis regarding skills, knowledge,
and ethics that are necessary to start a career in nursing. 

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