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Diet, physical activity and behavioural interventions for the treatment of overweight or obese children from the age of 6 to 11 years.

As per the report of the Public Health Agency of Canada, the rate of obese children is high, and there were 30 children between 5-17 years that can be considered as overweight or obese (Bozkurt et al., 2018). The Body Mass Index (BMI) of an obese person is more than 30, where an overweight individual has a BMI range of 25-30. The aim of the paper is to critically review an article, ‘Diet, physical activity and behavioral interventions for the treatment of overweight or obese children from the age of 6 to 11 years’ in order to address the issue of childhood obesity in the current context.

Community Assessment and Diagnosis: Exclusive Breastfeeding Promotion in MontrealDepartment of Nursing, Athabasca UniversityNURS 434: Community Health Promotion

Community health nursing focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles for individuals, families and groups within a particular community while also placing emphasis on illness prevention and monitoring. In order to achieve these objectives in community health nursing, proper assessment is needed to identify the needs and issues within the community. Assessment is a crucial role performed by community health nurses together with other members of the public health care (PHC) team

Community Diagnosis and the Role of the Community Health Nurse

Considering the determinants of health discussed in the previous section, the population demographics of Montreal reveals a community health promotion deficit. The researcher assessed that Montreal mothers within the first six months postpartum are at risk for early breastfeeding cessation related to lack of breastfeeding support in the family, community, and employment settings

Application of epidemiology in community health nursing Athabasca University NURS 434

Introduction The aim of this assignment is to analyze and review the selected article in terms of strengths and limitation to show an understanding of the research process. A critique is a systematic evaluation of a research strength and limitations (Polit & Beck, 2014). This paper is a critique of an article “Third-world realities in a first-world setting: A study of the HIV/AIDSrelated conditions and risk behaviors of sex trade workers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada” published SAHARA-J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS in 2016 by Bird, Lemstra, Rogers, and Moraros. Title & Author: The researcher’s credentials are provided, and all of which have postgraduate degrees and three of which have doctorates. They all work as a professor in the school of public health at the University of Saskatchewan. This means that they have the research capabilities and know-how to undertake such study. The title should be 10 to 15 words long and should clearly describe the reader’s intent for the review (Coughlan et al., 2007). However, the title of the article is significantly longer than what is suggested. Literature Review: Literature review should help to identify any gaps in the literature relating to the problem and to suggest how those gaps might be filled (Coughlan et al., 2007).In this article, the authors did not mention the knowledge gaps i.e. the connection between problem and the previous studies is not clearly stated. The article was published in 2016, but the studies used in are from 1992-2016, preferably it should be within five years of research study (Coughlan et al., 2007). The sources used in the articles are clearly and completely cited by the authors in references section in alphabetical order.

Death Penalty: Legality and Morality Relationship

Every law requires not only the comprehensive analysis of the circumstances but also the identification of the relationships between legality and morality. In other words, the application of the law requires the penetration into the moral assessment of the particular legal case. As a rule, illegal things are immoral and vice versa. However, there are complicated cases as well. For example, capital punishment, the dispute over which remains tense and highly politicized as stakes are too high. Is it moral to apply the death penalty?

Financial Situation and the Living Conditions of the Immigrants’ Suburbs

From the very beginning of the story, Begag describes the hard living conditions and financial situation that his family had to deal with. As Algerian immigrants, Begag’s family lived in a shantytown with almost no infrastructure. The wooden houses, which were shanties rather than normal houses, did not have some of the essential living facilities such as basic plumbing, running water and electricity taken for granted by the local French population. The immigrants had to deal with deplorable sanitary conditions with the absence of toilets and very small square spaces for many families.

Benefits of Collaborative Learning

The aim of collaborative learning is to help students develop skills that enable them to work in groups and as a consequence developing social and emotional skills as well. This has an effect of increasing the confidence of learners in sharing their knowledge. Complex ideas are presented on the table and broken down in easily understandable ideas. Collaborative learning develops higher-level thinking skills in dealing with the complex and tactical problem. Students are forced to think further and broadly and they even do some research on basic topics hence improving their learning and research skills. Because students are actively involved in contributing their ideas on the topics, they get a chance of expressing their opinion, which may be incorporated or left out in the group’s final decision. This therefore develops students’ confidence and as result increases self esteem and ways in which students improve their ways of making decisions.

Differentiated Instructions in the Middle School Classroom

Abstract Meeting the specific needs of each student in a diverse learning environment is one of the significant challenges that teachers face nowadays. Such a scenario is based on the fact that learners have different needs, which have to be addressed adequately for a chance to boost their academic performance. The adoption of the differentiated instruction in middle school has been considered to solve this challenge as well as ensure that the academic outcomes of all learners improve. This study sought to investigate the concept of differentiated instruction with a specific focus on establishing the attitudes of learners as well as the perceptions that educators have about its adoption and implementation in schools. In addition, the study aims at establishing the definition of differentiated instruction, its effectiveness as far as the academic outcomes of learners are concerned, reasons for its implementation, as well as the various strategies of differentiation that are applicable in a classroom setting.

Bill 1557: Children’s Self-Identification and Sexual Orientation

Safeguarding the rights and well-being of children represents one of the core goals of local and state authorities. The specified concerns extend to the issue of children’s self-identification and sexual orientation, specifically, children’s rights to be educated on the subject matter. In turn, Bill 1557, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which its undeniably conservative proponents call the “Parental Rights in Education” bill, gives parents control over the content to which their kindergarten through 3rd grade children are introduced during sexual education. Since younger children have the right to accept and explore their sexuality as well as older ones, Bill 1557 must be repealed.

Benefits of Sex Education for Teenagers

Introduction Sex education plays a significant role in the life of a teenager. It involves counseling, guiding, and educating teenagers on matters related to sex in either school or home settings. Educating teenagers on the sex issue is a common responsibility to teachers, parents, and society as a whole. If undertaken deeply, sex education has direct and lasting influences of supporting teens to make constructive choices in relation to sex since it encourages them to embrace irreproachable moral acts. Teenagers respond by delaying initiation, protect themselves during initiation, and reduce sex frequency and a number of new partners, as well as increasing the use of condoms and contraceptives for those who are sexually active to avoid sexual abuse. This has lowered the levels of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies.

Protecting Migrants – Refugees: The Role of International Instruments

Migrants’ and refugees’ rights and possible limitations to their social and economic opportunities, as well as the freedom of cultural self-expression, remain highly debatable topics. Through international tools and treaties, intergovernmental bodies seek to regulate migration while also offering protection and preventing the violation of human rights. This paper rejects the statement that international instruments and agreements, including the UN’s human rights treaties, are critically important in protecting these categories’ rights and that inter-state agreements actually criminalize migration.

Why Religion Is Good for American Democracy by Swain

Why Religion Is Good for American Democracy by Swain Durkheim also attached great importance to religion in the development of society. In all his works, he writes that religion is the only product of the development of society. By studying the history of the formation of religions, from primitive to bourgeois, he was able to prove that the real object of any religious cult can be considered a society. According to him, the main social functions of these cults are forming cohesion and presenting ideals that stimulate social development. Durkheim believed that religion profoundly affected the preservation of moral values and human formation, as well as the affirmation of positive solidarity. In support of this, he argued that society needs religion, and not a divine religion, but a social one.

Enhancing the Performance of Students

Enhancing the Performance of Students Introduction Over the years, scholars in the education field have actively developed studies to develop the best motivational models to be applied in the teaching field for the purpose of enhancing the performance of students. The main motivation for this study was to establish a comprehensive strategy for students to apply when studying different complex concepts in class. The validation of the hypothesis would imply that it is possible to enhance individual performance through controlling and monitoring metacognitive processes. While there are many theories related to the enhancement of performance in school, there are limited guidelines to the practical implementation of the respective models.

Racial Discrimination Problem in the United States

Racial Discrimination Problem in the United States Introduction Racial tensions have been at the forefront of societal discussions in the United States for a while now. Boundaries based on ethnic lines have barred progress in many areas of relevance especially social integration for minorities. The cornerstone of an exemplary representative democracy like the US hinges on the inclusivity and fairness of all its citizens. Once this is threatened, a nation’s integrity is compromised. Public relations paint a picture of a group overreacting to events within neighborhoods that harbor unlawful citizens, an attempt to ignore the problem. Racial discrimination is still an issue in the United States.

New Education Policies in the Contemporary Society

Conceptual Map Conceptual Map Notes on the Reading Apple (2000) The author focuses on the way ideologies affect the development of the educational system. Apple (2000) stresses that ideologies influence the way people see education, its major role, and methods to be employed. Problems: Although the author provides some illustrations of successful policies, it is still unclear how policies can be developed and be beneficial for all stakeholders as there is always a conflict of interests.

Issues Affecting Contemporary Education Policy

Issues Affecting Contemporary Education Policy The educational system of any country has developed in accordance with cultural, economic, political, and social peculiarities of the region. Policy-makers come up with numerous incentives and policies aimed at aligning the existing educational system with the challenges of the contemporary society. It is necessary to note that various factors have an impact on the contemporary education policies. This paper includes a brief analysis of the major factors affecting the development of new education policies in the contemporary society.

Negative effects of Technology on the Music Industry

Negative effects of Technology on the Music Industry Piracy is a common problem that artists encounter. Without the appropriate legislation and regulations, technology can create loopholes with which people breach patent laws. Moreau reveals how “MP3 technology poses a significant threat to the way both artists and their labels do business” (18). The MP3 technology enables people to make copies of music with a sound that almost resembles the original copy in terms of perfection. It permits people to duplicate music labels in an effort to offer them for mass consumption in an internet environment. These pirated materials erode patent laws (Varian 122).

Armstrong’s Interpretation of “(What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue” as the Illustration of Jazz Characteristics

In order to start the discussion of Armstrong’s unique interpretation of “Black and Blue”, it is necessary to focus on the musician’s approach to reflecting the characteristic features of jazz in the 1920s in the work. Thus, jazz of the 1920s was a specific phenomenon which developed under the influence of ragtime and blues. During the decade, jazz changed intensively, and more attention was paid to the improvisation and cross-rhythms and timbre which were characteristic for the black music (Teachout, 2009, p. 138-139). Armstrong added significantly to the progress of jazz during the era because of focusing on improvisation and solos. If the beginning of the 1920s was characterized by jazz influenced with black blues and cross-rhythms, the end of the decade was characterized by the focus on much improvisation and vivid solos.

How Nazi Ideology Affected Architecture

When considering the impact of the Nazi ideology on German art, it is also important to discuss the architecture. Being closely related to sculpture, it followed the same patterns and regularities. Architects of that period tended to create great and magnificent buildings to mimic the imperial style and to underline the ambitions of the government that wanted to prove its similarity to the previous Reichs

Blended Learning: Teachers and Students Perspectives

Introduction Blended learning is a new concept to the educational world, where a number of institutes are now implementing it. Understanding the way, in which teachers and students view the concept of blended learning (BL) is the first step towards helping both attain success. Particularly, locating the attitudes of learners toward BL, one will be able to identify the existing opportunities and possible obstacles, whereas the teachers’ interpretation of the strategy will allow designing a BL-based approach.

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