Assignment Global Healthcare Comparison Matrix and Narrative Statement

Social change is a deliberate process focused on the creation and application of ideas, and actions to promote the development of communities. Nurse leaders have a critical advocacy role for their patients and colleagues. As a nurse leader, having a global perspective is essential as it allows to advocate for patient’s education and awareness about COVID-19 jab and other critical vaccines, especially for children (Milstead & Short, 2019). Many Americans decline to take vaccines for different reasons due to the diversity that exists. However, a majority do not have sufficient education and awareness about the positive effects of vaccines and the protection that they offer. When patients have sufficient information on vaccines, they can make better and informed choices and decisions.   

The incorporation of a global perspective impacts my local practice and role as a nurse leader as it implores one to work collaboratively with other in development of interventions to reduce exposure to infectious diseases. As a nurse leader, one must prioritize education and awareness among peers and the general population to minimize exposure and its adverse effects. The policy encourages nurse leaders to educate their communities so that they accept vaccines.  

Further, the incorporation of global lens into local practice as a nurse leader represents and contributes to social change by imploring me to develop interventions that leverage the existing resources and tackles inequalities that hinder uptake of vaccines (Milstead & Short, 2019). The incorporation also means that I should develop effective interventions to minimize exposure among healthcare workers in various settings. The need for vaccines is important in the current dispensation as one must consider the effects of exposure to emerging infectious diseases that require effective control because of their adverse effects on populations.  

Assignment Global Healthcare Comparison Matrix and Narrative Statement Conclusion  

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