Based on the information gathered through the family health assessment, recommend age-appropriate screenings for each family member. Provide support and rationale for your suggestions. Age-appropriate screenings for family members


Screening may initially addressed through the evaluation of the five core social needs related to health. For instance, asking valid screening questions related to the identified social needs, namely, housing, transportation, food, personal safety and utilities (Adler et al., 2016). It may be stated in this context that the screening tools are often implemented for undertaking the screening procedures. SDOH Patient Action Plan, SDOH Long-form screening tool as well SDOH Short-form is implemented for the screening procedures (Thornton et al., 2016). The children of age 10 and 13 may evaluated based on educational facilities as well as personal safety. Asking relevant questions and even offering to administer the aid of a family member may be suggested in this case, as children may often feel insecure in the absence of a family member. Furthermore, the oldest child may be more hesitant towards answering personal questions, thus, comforting the adolescent is to be taken into consideration. The parents may be evaluated regarding the housing, occupational and fooding grounds, while the grandparents may be assessed regarding the relationship they have developed with the community. Considering signs for depression and spiritual or religious beliefs are also to be identified. 

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