Cause and Effect Essay on War on Drugs

The most astonishing thing about people and, especially, those who possess power, is the fact that they seem to know little or no history at all. When something happens and they take a course of action that somebody has taken just a little while ago without any success (or with catastrophic results), one can do nothing but shrug in amazement. One of the most characteristic examples is the war on drugs that is waged today.

In the beginning of the 20th century the USA tried to apply the notorious Prohibition law, which led to increasing the risk of providing alcohol to the population and, as a result, created an inadequately profitable line of business. Of course, there were people ready to make some quick money; thus, as a result of Prohibition people continued to consume alcohol, but at higher prices and suppliers didn’t pay taxes, for the business was made illegal. The only thing created by it was the Mafia.

And what do we see now? Drugs haven’t been always considered as bad as they are today. In the end of the 19th century nobody paid much attention to them, and their vendors existed mostly undisturbed. But now, in the same way as it was with alcohol, the drug dealers are persecuted, which means that dealing with them becomes riskier, they grow more expensive and there appear people who want to make more money on them – and the drug mafia emerges. 

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