Country/Western Music & Rap/Hip-Hop Music Comparison

 Country/Western Music & Rap/Hip-Hop Music Comparison
Listening to music in today’s society, you will find that there are many types of music, some genres being similar to others, and some not so similar. Country (western) and rap (hip-hop) are most likely at the top of the list of being dissimilar. Country, originally brought up in the south is still very rural while rap is more of an urban style of music, originally performed on the two coastal regions (L.A and New York) where it developed its two styles of rap. With that being said, rap and country are also on the top of the list with similarities. Rap and Country both portray meaning, as they express life stories throughout their lyrics.

Throughout the years, both genres are criticized as well as its fans. Many people judge country and its fans simply because it’s not their type of music. You often hear people make remarks about country fans such as hillbillies, “rednecks” or hicks. On the other side you have the people who “cut-down” rap because they don’t think it promotes a positive message. When in reality, the ones judging face the same vulgarity and sexual morality that is in rap because both types of music share similarities in this area as well.

The explicit content of both country and rap show much similarity, as it is depressingly unappreciated by many. The majority of rappers compose about drugs, or about how somebody they are close to has been raped or shot, or even someone that they themselves have shot. While country singers talk about how all they have done lately is drink or got into a fight at a local bar over a specific girl. In majority of the music that (mainly) rap artist have produced lately, you can notice the increase in vulgarity and disturbed behaviors. While country is seemingly more depressing.

On a more satisfying note, there has been an increase not only in country women singers, but in female rappers also. The introduction of women rappers has made a huge impact on the “life” of rap. Some women express themselves by showing their confidence, others by showing just as much unnecessary profanity and corrupt language as the male rappers. In country, you will notice that there are just as many women singing as there are men, with names such as Carrie Underwood and LeAnn Rhymes. The introduction of women to country singing is huge; women seem to show more respect as they sing with passion and deliver their music with innocence.

One thing that is obvious throughout country music is the honesty that the singer provides, which makes the song become reality. On the other hand country music can also be very rhetorical as well. Those that are rhetorical usually seem to be more appreciated by country music fans, even though they aren’t always the best choice in lyrics. For example “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney talks about how they are getting wasted once again in this private place they call Margaritaville.

Two major differences between country and rap can be compared and contrasted by looking at what each genre supports. Rap (for the most part), supports criminality and unjust behaviors while country is generally more appreciative of the little things in life that aren’t in harm’s way. The overall difference between the two genres of music is very simple; country is exceptionally the overall most formal and most decent pick of the two categories, as compared to rap which is labeled by most, the harder of the two to get by, simply because of its inexcusable behavior and unforgettable sin.

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