Describe the SDOH that affect the family health status. What is the impact of these SDOH on the family? Discuss why these factors are prevalent for this family. SDOH responsible for the Family Health status


The Social determinants of Health can be considered as the environmental factors, which shape the distribution of resources, power and money at certain levels of the society (Garg, Boynton-Jarrett & Dworkin, 2016). Furthermore, these determinants are primarily the conditions in which an individual is born and raised. SDOH may involve economic and social policies as well. It may be stated in this regards that education opportunities are one of the social determinants, which influence the family. For instance, the children go to school and receive adequate education, however the inadequate exercise and addiction to video games are responsible for hampering the health conditions of the children aged 10, 13 and 17 respectively.

In addition to that, the access to housing facilities and services may be responsible for the insufficient sleep and stress that the women of the household suffer from. Furthermore, the father of the children experiences stress as a result of the occupational status. It may be mentioned in this context, the church-going, community membership may be cited responsible for the social support as well as coping skills. Moreover, the family generally exhibit healthy behaviour. Regardless, the choice and access to healthy food plays a role for the moderately healthy family. 

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