Franco Russian Alliance

Franco Russian Alliance (Essay Sample)

Franco Russian Alliance
In the past decades, peace has been evasive and there have been a series of wars and battles for and against countries who are either fighting for jurisdiction, land, gold or fame. France and Russia desired for peace and wanted to protect their people against violence and any forms of attack so they strengthened their forces through an agreement called the Franco-Russian Alliance which took place in a Convention held only for this purpose alone. This agreement between these superpowers took place in the year 1982 of August. They enumerated the provisions of the agreement and opted to stand side by side in every battle and protect each other against any form of the onslaught. Countries have been forming one alliance to another to develop their weaponry, win wars and lessen the mortality rate of their military forces. Government heads were hungry for power in the earlier years and would rather choose to proceed to war instead of doing everything in their power to prevent a war. Hence, France and Russia worked on a solution that will serve as a protection and security for their country, they joined forces and trained their military to fight. During those days, it was a war of honor and strength. There was no turning back and no quitting. This paper stands on the argument and statement that forming an alliance is another strategical method to defend one’s territory from the devastation that wars cause and not a sign that a country wants to wage war and resort to violence. France made a decision to join hands with Russia by reason of threats of war and as the situation grew deeper and more dangerous, this option became more clear as the path to take for defense and protection (World War I, 2009). During those years, joining an alliance seems to be the wisest decision to make.

The Causes that Led to the Creation of the Franco-Russian Treaty
The 19th century seemed to be a chaotic era to be born and to live in. People, governments, and countries were always at war and everybody was seeking solace, security, and protection to pursue growths and developments in the economy. Both France and Russia wanted to oppose Germany and be freed from its oppressive clutches. Though both countries wanted peace and tranquility, the primordial purpose of forming the treaty was to topple down Germany. While France wanted to avenge itself from the Franco- Prussian Battle in the 1970’s which resulted in the loss of lands and properties, Germany was wise not to allow France to invade its land. Germany was aware of France’s plans to defend itself from the former’s atrocities against its people. France understood that it does not stand a chance alone against Germany and needed the aid of Russia (Langer W.L., 1925). It was very important to France to ally with Russia, another powerful and authoritative conglomerate who will fight to the death if threatened and harassed. The lives of the common people were on hold and everybody feared for their lives unsure of what will happen next. The economy and political departments were crashing down under the pressure and weight of engaging in war, losing lives and destroying military bases. It was a difficult choice to make, one that requires sacrifices and risks. France felt open to any form of attack not only from Germany but other countries as well so it needed an ally.

The Secret Agreement Between France and Russia
The France-Russia Convention enumerated numerous provisions that detail their agreement of security, military aid, and protection. This agreement was confidential and kept hidden from the world and only exposed in the year 1900’s.

The agreement includes the fact that if France is attacked by Germany then Russia will immediately counter-attack Germany and provide military help to France. Likewise, in case Germany, Italy and Austria attack France then the latter together with Russia shall immediately take arms and fight the Triple Alliance by moving the military to the frontlines. About millions of men from France and hundreds of thousands of military personnel of Russia shall all at once respond to the call for help by France. Thus, such battalions will engage in war coming from the East and the West. Accordingly, the Ranking Military officials of the armies of both countries agreed to unite even in the planning stage, preparations and lastly the execution of the strategic warfare against Germany and its allies. Communication between the ranks of France and Russia have also been secured and made confidential so that the enemy Germany could not infiltrate their plans. It was also included in the agreement that both Russia and France must decide upon peace or in concluding the war. There shall be no individual decision-making in the advent of ending the war. The decision must come from both of the allied powers. All the agreement signed and voted upon was kept in absolute secrecy to have an element of surprise in their attacks and destroy the plans of Germany against both countries (World War I, 2009).

The Devastating Effects of War
France and Russia are well aware of the destruction and lives lost caused by the war. Thus, they have become smarter and more resilient otherwise they will be annihilated. The agreement between the two is a form of safeguard that both countries had each other’s backs and will provide protection, military weaponry and arms in time of war. The mere fact that France and Russia have formed an alliance will also serve as a deterrent to Germany and its allies as to whether they will invade France or either of the two.

The preparations and friendship of the two countries have made the world to believe that they are serious to kill whoever comes their way and whoever will try to destroy them. Germany backed out from an attack against France in the year 1800’s when Russian military showed up to block and fight them. Knowing how fierce the Russians were, the Germans stopped their violence against France. The Franco- Russian Alliance resulted from the attacks of the triple ally which included Germany and aimed to protect and fight against the German’s insatiable hunger for power and to expand its territories. Furthermore, forming an alliance has been a strategical and intellectual method of securing the military forces and from keeping the enemy lines in reaching the borders of France or Russia. The ability to fight alongside an army of people who has the same passion and drive ensures success and victory. It also brings fear against the enemies and hinders retaliation from the opposing countries.

Thus forming an alliance is another strategical method to defend one’s territory from the devastation that wars cause and not a sign that a country wants to wage war and resort to violence. France decided to join hands with Russia against Germany showed the latter that France is improving in its military tactics and is showing Germany that it will fight back. Germany has been quite known all over the world for its diabolical conquests as Hitler led its ranks to destroy the Jews and occupy other countries.

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