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Heredity and hormones play a significant role in human behavior. Human behavior varies from one person to the other. The tendencies to react to certain issues that manifest themselves as aggression or intelligence indicate human behavior. Behavior comes out of hormones and genes, from the biological perspective. This paper explores the influence of heredity and hormones in human behavior.

Heredity refers to the process by which a person acquires traits from his or her parents. Genetic factors transfer from one generation to the next. A hormone refers to a chemical compound formed, in one part of the body and carried through the blood to other parts of the body. They exert certain functions depending on their specification. They can alter functional activity, in the body. How people react to certain issues attributes to their hormones and their family history.

While hormones have a clear role in our lives, genes, which affect heredity respond, to the environment and their role clearly changes, in consideration to the environmental influences. The way heredity influences a person`s life at a certain point, in time differs with the way it will influence human behavior at another time. Hormones on the other hand prove specific. Their presence or absence may change, but the roles they play remain the same (Morris & Maisto., 2005).

The environment affects the production of hormones in the body. This means that the environment plays a role in how a person behaves, because of production of a certain hormone. However, heredity occurs irrespective of environmental changes.

The endocrine system acts as one of the main organs in the body that communicates controls and coordinates the work of the body. The endocrine system produces hormones that the body uses in its functions. The endocrine system produces and stores hormones, after which it releases them as needed. For example, when the body goes through an unfamiliar situation, which causes fear within the individual, the brain stimulates to produce the adrenaline hormone. Therefore, when the person runs way, the adrenaline hormone causes that action. When the individual has reached a non-threatening environment, the brain stops the production of adrenaline hormone. On the other hand, genes exist in certain concentrations despite environmental changes (Morris & Maisto., 2005).

Ones behavior can change from the change, in the concentration of hormones. However, because genes do not change, with respect to environmental changes, the behavior of a person remains static. For example, one can take certain pills to suppress the production of a hormone, such as progesterone. This could affect the way one behaves. Exercises and a balanced diet contribute, to the secretion of certain hormones that prolong life. Therefore, people who take a balanced diet and do exercises have positive behavioral traits.

Hormone concentrations vary according to the surrounding yet this does not happen, in genetics and heredity. One can have an inborn gene for albinism or not. This cannot change because of exercises, drugs or other environmental influences.

Both hormones and heredity play a significant role, to the behavior of people. Heredity provides the framework for nature and nature while hormones form structural components for nature and nature, to occur (Morris & Maisto., 2005).

Genes can affect other genes that affect human behavior. Consequently, hormones stimulate other hormones, which present an overall effect to the behavior of an individual. For example, there exist certain recessive genes, in the female body, which occur as dominant genes, in the male body, such as the Y chromosome. Similarly, tropic hormones have an influence in the production of endocrine hormones that affects behavior.

Human behavior gets an influence from both heredity and hormones. Hormones and heredity have similarity, in nature and nature and affect each other. However, they differ because heredity does not change because of changes in the environment while hormones fluctuate depending on the changes, in external environment, from time to time. 

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