Human sexuality beliefs

Masturbation causes impotency:

Masturbation or Hand-practice is an artificial way of gaining sexual pleasure. It is a voluntary act that does not necessitate the presence of a companion and is usually a solo practice. It is common not only in men but also in women. Many people believe that masturbation is an unsafe act in that it causes impotency – a state in which an individual is no longer able to maintain a healthy sexual relationship because of deteriorated sexual health as a result of masturbation. It may so happen because of a decrease in the testosterone level as a result of the long-practiced ejaculation of semen by hand. It is believed that besides causing impotency, masturbation serves to weaken the lower abdomen muscles and adversely affects the human nervous system. Besides, it is commonly held responsible for various health disorders like dizziness, lost vision and loss of memory as identified by (Ahmad, 2004). Because of the widespread belief that masturbation causes impotency, many men are afraid of the after effects of the practice and are highly concerned about their sexual health. Masturbation is an extremely common practice. Despite their will, many men can never get rid of it. They are addicted to masturbation. Often, boys indulge in this practice in their teenage and later develop into men who are not sure if they would be able to maintain a healthy sexual life after their marriage. This inculcates a feeling of guilt in the men and often causes stress and anxiety. Men hold themselves responsible for any sexual disorders they might encounter later in their life.


Despite the widespread notions of masturbation as a harmful practice, opposite beliefs do exist. Some people are of the view that an orgasm in real sex causes a much pronounced loss of semen than what is ejaculated by hand in masturbation. In a healthy sexual life, a couple undergoes sexual intercourse far as often as an individual would masturbate. Thus, if masturbation can cause impotency, real sex is far more likely to result into impotency because of much pronounced and more frequent ejaculations. At times, masturbation is referred to as a safe alternative for illegal physical relationship between two individuals. It is argued in (, 2010) that masturbation is a healthy expression of human sexuality. In the same article, it is mentioned that masturbation serves to reduce stress and develop a healthy and efficient immune system in those who practice it. It is believed that masturbation tends to reduce stress especially in unmarried women and is the only option for singles who do not want to indulge in an unjust physical relationship. Besides, a vast majority of medical specialists are of the opinion that masturbation would never lead to impotency provided that the body is given enough time to regain the lost energy between adjacent masturbations. They view it as a means of preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The old visualization of masturbation as a cause of impotency is outshined by new beliefs of masturbation as a healthy expression of human sexuality.


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