NR 500 Week 2 Discussion: Knowing Self

NR 500 Week 2 Discussion: Knowing Self

Reflect the concepts addressed in this week’s lesson plan and required reading. Recall a challenging experience in either your personal or professional life. In the initial response, start with an introduction that includes a brief description of two core values that influence your nursing practice and interaction with others. Provide a concise description of the challenging experience. What core values were challenged in this experience? What lessons were learned from this experience? How did the experience inform future professional behaviors, decisions, and actions? Provide a specific example on how lessons learned from the challenging experience were applied in your professional practice. Use at least one outside scholarly reference to support your position.

NR 500 Week 2 Discussion: Knowing Self SAMPLE INTRO
There has never been a more important time to practice cultural competence and humility in nursing practice than the current moment. The patients and staff we interact on a daily basis with come from an endless variety of race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, and socioeconomic class that often differs from the caregiver. Two core values that not only define but influence my nursing practice and interaction with those I come in contact with are professional integrity and compassionate service. Professionalism coupled with strong integrity, displays certain attributes like trust, accountability, ethical commitment, reliability, and respect (Rosa & Lubansky, 2016). By displaying a professional commitment to the practice of nursing, I am able to treat every patient, no matter their background, with a nonjudgmental, holistic approach to their care. Compassionate service, my second core value,  requires self-reflection on my part. Understanding the commitment and challenges faced in healthcare that require compassion no matter the circumstance, is of upmost importance in nursing practice (Rosa & Lubansky, 2016). As a nurse, it is expected of me to show compassion in my care to patients and families, despite the situation. Providing compassion comes from within, before it can be displayed outward, and can be done so by reflecting upon myself, my own world-views, and personal philosophies. Nurses are unlike any other healthcare discipline with our positive contributions to health. Providing compassionate and professional care to all persons of the human race should be held to a high standard. 

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