Online Learning.

Online Learning.

Many at times, young people do not find learning such interesting as compared to other
activities. That is the reason why most of them find it boring to attend long lectures, reading in
libraries, and writing research papers in preparation for exams. They tend to forget the
significance of academic papers in the outside world. Obviously, there is no any other shortcut
than working hard to attain them regardless of what happens.
Young people should be made aware that learning is a continuous process that defines
their future lives. Most learners find it difficult to choose their areas of studies wisely because
they do not realize that what they chose to study in the high school, college, and university levels
determines their future careers. However, education systems differ across the globe. While some
countries have complex learning systems, others do not. For instance, in the United States, young
learners are allowed a certain period of time to reflect on what they want to achieve in their lives.
In United States, the period is known as the “gap year”; this period allows a learner to make
individual decisions on how they would like their future to look like.
Interestingly, during this time most students discover the mistakes that they made while
in high school. The mistakes if not properly addressed come to haunt them in their later lives.
Some of the mistakes are as a result of wrong choices that they make while in high school and
college levels. One of the mistakes that stand out of them all is wrong choices of studies. This
mistake can be corrected bearing in mind that learning does not limit one based on age. With 
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technological advancements, there are various recognized online platforms that offer learners a
chance to pursue disciplines of their choice regardless of their background or age. The platforms
are available online and they can be easily accessible by anyone. Some of them are as discussed
Unlike in the past, there are many educational websites nowadays. They include Khan
Academy, Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, edX among many others. These learning services are
provided to learners at impressive discounts irrespective of their geographical locations.
However, one can only be enrolled in a service that aligns with their native languages for
efficient learning. Apart from discounts, these learning services have a wide range of benefits to
Traditional classroom learning is among the most common method of administering
knowledge to students, but it is not the best. Online learning incorporates different and modern
methods of teaching. For instance, they give their students access to leaning videos, which is an
added advantage. After which their instructor explains to them what they find most difficult
about the topic they are discussing. Also, the learning materials are arranged depending on the
number of modules and course. Irrespective of the complexity of course a learner chooses to
pursue, they are allowed enough time to go through the description to understand what is
required of them. Through course description, learners get enough time to prepare themselves
and socialize with their mates. More interesting, students learn to become more responsible
because no one is monitoring them on how to complete their assignments. Completing
assignments is fully facilitated by relevant learning materials attached alongside the assignments.
Upon completion of their assignments, they submit them in the learning portal for the instructors
to mark and grade them.
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There are no unnecessary pressures when studying online. Learners study at their own
time and pace depending on their schedules. One needs to have a laptop or computer and a good
access to the internet. In fact, some learners can access their classes through a smartphone. With
a stable internet, a learner can watch learning videos, read PDF materials, and even submit their
assignments irrespective of their location. Platforms such as Udemy and Cousera provide
learners with a discussion forum where they get to interact with their peers to exchange ideas and
assist each other along the course. Plus, they have highly trained and professional tutors and
instructors to guide learners to achieve their dreams.
However, few disappointing instances ought to be corrected to make the system perfect
and more acceptable across the globe. Although not common with all the websites, some online
learning websites enroll many learners at ago making the learning process to became a little bit
uncomfortable and incompetent. For instance, when students are many, instructors find it
difficult to reply to every student. Some students seek help from their peers because they do not
have a direct access to their instructors. More badly, the feedback is not instant; students have to
wait for their instructor to log in to the website in order to reply to them hence not appropriate
when urgent help is needed. Also, checking of assignments becomes a problem when there are
many students taking a single class. Some students take advantage of this and they do not
complete their assignments on time. At times, students can copy each other’s work. They ignore
the fact that copying of one another’s assignment is a serious crime.
While some employers are more interested on what a learner can do on their own, many
of them do not hire students with a digital certificate. Why? Some countries have not yet
legitimized online studying. The countries argue that students cannot gain knowledge and skills
by watching videos online alone. For that reason, they take formal education more seriously as 
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compared to digital learning. Professions like nursing, engineering, mechanics and others require
students to attend traditional classrooms where they get to interact with real knowledge. That is,
theoretical aspect of learning is not that significant as the practical aspect of learning when it
comes to these professions.
Conclusively, we cannot dispute the benefits that come with online learning. Technology
is making learning more interesting than it used to be. People still work and at the same time
learn without interfering with their schedules. Even though there are few limitations regarding
online learning, there are a lot more that the method offers. Online platforms allow learners to
study in more peaceful and flexible environment as compared to traditional classroom learning.

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