Practical Activity for The Microsoft Dynamics”Practical Activity for The Microsoft Dynamics”

 Practical Activity for The Microsoft Dynamics”

In general, the report focuses on determining the steps followed when carrying out a practical activity for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The modules provides an understanding on how each part of the practical process was performed and the particular result. Based on the information provided, it is clear that various mechanisms are employed to help in creating order sales, production order, writing a report on the payment systems, preparation of the Ledge Account and the financial statement. The report also analyses the specific measures adopted to ensure that the items being purchased are entered correctly into the system by following the steps accordingly. This necessitates the proper allocation of order numbers to each customer purchasing the products. Date A Microsoft Dynamic NAV help customer go use the credit cards especially if is done online. This saves on time since the process is faster for retail business ventures. At the time of ordering, the online credit cards automatically gives the demanded amount and calculates the shipping costs that will be incurred at the time of shipping.
When creating the sales order, the important thing to consider is to investigate the customer’s card before deciding whether to proceed to quote, order the n invoice. The following are the steps followed to when creating the sales order.

We select the customer based on the menu provided
From the many number of customers provided, we select customer 30000 in the currency of the customer ties with the local currency. Once the customer currency is selected, it shows in the payment record the Code of the customer in form of days. The customer Discount Group is set in the Invoicing Tab.
The next step is to click in the customer Discount Group field . Thereafter, click on the Customer Disc Group tab cust.Disc….. then choose on sales line Discount.

Is the customer 33002984 entitled to line discount? Describe Why?
The customer 33002984 is entitled to line discount since the customer purchased many items on the current date following the request by the first customer 30000 who asks for more offers of bicycles. When the customers accept the new offer, he/she is entitled to a line discount which is later converted to a sales order.

Why is line discount 15%?
The discount line is 15% so that more or less units can be allocated to a customer when purchasing certain number of items. Therefore, the 15% helps in determining the items purchased by the client in the process of creating sales order.
In the Invoicing tab it is clear that the payment Terms Code is shown as 30 which represent the end of the next month. The code is converted to current month by clicking next to the payment Terms Code. Choose the Current Month and click OK. Thereafter press enter.

This explains to why the due date is one month from the current working day. Facts boxes of customers and the item are shown on the right hand side. Once this done, we press the make order button in order to change the Quote to Order. If you to create the sales Order, press YES. It notifies you that you have created a sales Order by converting Quote. Thereafter put down the order number. The reason is that we may have clicked on the wrong invoice instead of selecting the invoice that is issued. By clicking on the right invoice, the system will propose the entire amount of the invoice entered which is accepted as part of the receipt. In order for us to get the 2310 account, we begin by choosing on customer Ledger Entry by ensuring that there is no extra amount remaining. The ledge entry helps in identify and showing all the entries done by the customers complying with the items purchased. It gives 2310bdetailed information on how the items purchased equal the amount entered. The payment terms for customer 30000 are within the current month which is the terms included in the invoice. This calls for accuracy when making payments since is supposed to be in the specified dates. The payments must be matched with the specific invoice in the purchase subsystem. In real sense, the matching takes place automatically whereby the cash receipt automatically updates the customer’s card and the General Ledger subsystem in line with the set up parameters. The posting date must be adjusted to comply with the current date whereby the Batch Name to Bank so that the receipt will be informs of WWB-OPERATING. The balance Account type is automatically filled in the provided space by selecting the following:
The type of the account
The account number which is 30000
Then we select the Applies to the particular document where the detailed screen with all the customer information opens with invoices. Thereafter, the currently issued invoice is selected. A production order is created from a sales order especially where new quantities are requested. The first thing to do is to select the item by scrolling up the arrow to reach the item number. Selecting the right order number enables you from incurring an error at the end of the experiment in that once you select the correct order; proceed on planning where a new planning screen appears with the type of line item ordered. This is where one is supposed to select the function and create the Prod. It is advisable to choose a Firm Planned Production Order in order to reduce on the number of steps taken. Once this is done, the system informs us about the creation of the new Firm Planned Production order.
In the event where the order is not by default, then we select on Orders so that we select on the right one. Thereafter, we select the newly generated order by highlighting the line in order to check on the production routings. The next step is to select on the Line components in order to verify the raw materials in terms of the column Quantity per shows in the production BOM. Once this is done, click on the Excel symbol on top of the menu by inserting a new line whereby a student types his/her name and ID number on the top of the spread sheet. If requested, print the copy to be printed. When addressing about production of finished goods, it is important to review the advantage of the ERP system in that it automatically generates consumption entries for the materials found within the production BOM. In order to achieve this, one must select the automatically flushing method (Backward) to help in the calculation and posting of the consumption. Posting will take place once the operation is completed. Status of production execution and production planning must be assessed and in any given situation, it can be changed. Once the production planning is changed, everything will happen automatically whereby the production order is selected. This is followed by identifying the posting groups from the available items and customers. The system remains unchanged apart from the production order that was changed to Released and this is where the actual production of the bicycles begins. It is also important to write the production number which will help in determine and comparing it with other productions carried out and presented in class.

Practical and Theoretical assignment in Microsoft Dynamic NAV
A Microsoft Dynamic NAV help customer go use the credit cards especially if is done online. This saves on time since the process is faster for retail business ventures. At the time of ordering, the online credit cards automatically gives the demanded amount and calculating the shipping costs that will be incurred at the time of shipping. Microsoft Dynamic NAV is a type of software meant to resolve issues especially about the Enterprise resource planning for the developing firms. The system is believed to be easy to adopt and implement in any organization in that it is guided by innovation during designing and execution of the system. Based on how the system works, there are certain features and related functions of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamic NAV is believed to help partners to come up with ideas that facilitates the creation of companies by assessing all the key areas and stages when setting the firm. Customers and partners are able to configure the setting up process by using the Rapidstart service in that the Microsoft Dynamic VAV helps in the importation of starting balances within their systems especially journal entries. The advancements are regarded as some of the measures adopted in fostering the solutions by use of limited materials and also preventing the bequest of the clients. This will also facilitate an easy way of running the system with minimized interruption for the clients when carrying out their businesses.

By using the Microsoft Dynamic NAV, there is possibility of viewing the shipment date and it clearly shows the exact date when the process of shipping is done. This facilitates time management in that it ensures that there is no delay when shipping products to customers. In Microsoft Dynamic NAV, the due date when an order is to be shipped is identified in the sense that time when the product is produced, the time of purchase, the movement of the order from the place of production and the service delivery time is well defined in Microsoft Dynamic NAV. The due date is controlled by the prevailing demand by the customers. On the other hand, the posting date in Microsoft Dynamic must be identified to facilitate posting of the order in good time to avoid delaying the customers.
A Microsoft Dynamic NAV help customer go use the credit cards especially if is done online. This saves on time since the process is faster for retail business ventures. At the time of ordering, the online credit cards automatically gives the demanded amount and calculates the shipping costs that will be incurred at the time of shipping.
When dealing with the aging report, the trial balance may be affected in the following ways; in that the aging report does may not be the same as the account amount. There’s the variation in the amount of aging report and that of the trial balance report. This is due to the fact that the aging report is based on the particular date when the amount was entered while the trial balance focuses on the period of processing the transaction. When dealing with the scenarios, it is difficulty to compare the aging reports historically and the of the ones of trial balance report. Users are advised to use the current system when comparing the trial balance report and the aging report.

The two elements are important and are of great value to ensure the balance in the long run which can be done by adjusting the ledger accounts. Sometimes is important to invite editors to help in editing the balances especially where the aging report is correct while the trial balance is incorrect. Correcting customer or vendors also helps in ensuring that the two reports balances. This is done by use of the account editor.
From the create Production Order from Sales Order exercise, the following are the steps undertaken;
Create the sales order in that one must come up with order to be created which will help in determining the exact amount required for the whole process.
Carry out material planning especially for those required for production purpose.
Come up with a description in terms of the material requirements when planning for the order production.
Identify the key resources especially the master data which helps the make order surrounding.



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