Preparation to Succeed in College

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Preparation to Succeed in College
I have adequately prepared for my intended major, and I am ready to succeed in the
upper-division courses once I am admitted into the college. Firstly, I have prepared to maintain
good attendance in class and other academic activities. Next, I will take advantage of the
available school resources. I will frequently visit the school library, guest lectures, and writing
centers to explore concepts further that are related to my major.
Other resources that I will use include career centers and computer labs that provide
valuable and free information. To further advance in my major, I will make it a habit to visit my
academic adviser. By doing so, I will obtain an expert opinion regarding courses and classes to
take throughout the semester—thus assisting in deciding how to achieve my academic goals.
Seeking expert advice will also allow me to familiarize myself with the policies and procedures
of the college to avoid inconveniences.
Subsequently, I will maintain a balance of my time while studying for my major. I will
plan my time to guarantee that I attend all classes. Every week, I will plan how to manage my
time and certify that every day I have time for personal studies, entertainment, and
extracurricular activities. Furthermore, I will set my individual goals at the beginning of each
semester while studying. Through this approach, I will institute measurable and achievable goals.
Setting objectives will make me motivated and work toward achieving them. In addition, I will
make sure my work is organized while studying. I will achieve the expectations of my course, 
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complete all the assignments before due dates, and maintain my record in both soft and hard
In my upper-division coursework, I will develop a regular study time to facilitate my
success in studies. I believe that being consistent is crucial to establishing a regular study time
that enhances the maximization of results. Moreover, developing regular study times will
guarantee that I remain disciplined and develop an efficient structure of managing my time and
focusing on studies. Another aspect that I will adopt during upper division course is perfecting
my study techniques to assist me in retaining whatever has been learned. I will continuously
revise my study styles to make sure that I identify the most appropriate one that works for me. I
will join various study groups so that we can motivate each other to be successful in studies.
Another aspect that I will perfect in my upper-division coursework is effective money
management while in college. I have realized that managing capital is challenging, especially in
school. In my course duration, I will handle money meant for fees, survival, and other class
operations such as trips and printing of assignments. To enhance effective money management, I
will make my budget at the beginning of every semester. The financial plan will include such
aspects as food, books, entertainment expenses, and other bills. After making the budget, I will
try to stick to it to avoid a wastage of funds and inconveniences.
Concisely, I will follow my plans to enhance success in studying my major and
subsequent upper-division coursework. I will follow the professors’ advice keenly and make sure
that I obtain requisite knowledge and skills, as they make for the ultimate test for success in

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