Select One Theory Discussed During Topics 4 And 5

      As nursing becomes increasingly important in healthcare, some people think that for nursing to be seen as its own profession and for nurses to be recognized as a crucial part of hands-on care, there should be clear theories or models outlining the specific tasks and responsibilities of nursing in a systematic way (Dewey, 2023).

               I believe that the most suitable theory for my future role in advanced nursing practice concerning individuals, families, communities, and special populations is Orem’s self-care deficit theory. This theory focuses on the patient’s ability to take care of themselves. As a nurse, I can use this theory to evaluate and support the patient’s self-care skills in handling different aspects of their treatment and overall well-being (Dewey, 2022). Orem’s self-care deficit theory focuses on people being able to take care of themselves. It would help assist in evaluating and improving patients’ self-care abilities, and this idea applies to families, communities, and special groups, encouraging a complete view of healthcare that gives different groups the power to be actively involved in looking after their health.

               As a hemodialysis nurse, I think the theory that fits well is Peplau’s theory, which is all about the relationship between the nurse and the patient and using communication to help. This is especially crucial in hemodialysis, where it’s really important to establish trust and communicate effectively (Hagerty et al., 2017). 

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