Step 1: Comparison of Nursing Specialties Use the space below to write 2-3 paragraphs comparing the nursing specialty you have selected – or the one you prefer if your choice is still under consideration – to your second preference. Identify each specialty and describe the focus and the role that graduates are prepared for. Identify any other differentiators you feel are significant, especially those that helped or may help you reach a decision.


Comparison of Nursing Specialties

I have selected the psychiatric nurse practitioner, who are tasked with assessing and looking after the mental health needs of individuals, families, groups and communities. NURS-6003 Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan. The psychiatric nurse practitioner has a responsibility to diagnose and treat mental illnesses and mental health conditions in the community through the diagnosis and pharmacological treatment of the conditions.

Mental conditions are often lifelong conditions such as anxiety, substance abuse, and mood disorders, among others, often accompanied by other health conditions that affect the health outcomes of the patient. The psychiatric nurse practitioner plays a major role in different healthcare settings to assess, diagnose, treat and maintain the mental health status of their patients throughout their lifetime NURS-6003 Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan.

The women health practitioner specialty, on the other hand, is concerned with providing biological, intersex and transgender women with healthcare services from puberty to menopause and beyond. Their focus is on the general healthcare of women, which concerns their gynaecological and obstetric health, although this also extend well beyond their health needs. The women’s health practitioner may provider broader healthcare as compared to an obstetrician, and they provide healthcare services that ensure the overall health and wellness of the patients.

Justification of Nursing Specialty

            I have chosen the psychiatric nurse practitioner specialty, due to the need and demand for psychiatric mental health practitioners in the modern world. In previous years, mental healthcare has not often received as much attention as required, and there is still much to be learned about mental healthcare academically, and there are also opportunities in clinical care to improve the mental health of patients. In many cases, there is still stigma attached to mental health conditions, which makes it challenging for patients to seek and receive mental healthcare, thus the need for nurse practitioners. NURS-6003 Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan

In addition, people in the modern world face numerous stressors and pressures that were not occurring in previous years, with many finding it hard to cope. The result in numerous mental health conditions that affect the ability of individuals to lead healthy and productive lifestyles. Thus, I have selected the specialty due to the potential to help patients throughout their lifespan manage the mental health conditions such that they can be integrated into the society to become productive members. 

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