Step 2: Justification of Nursing Specialty Use the space below to write a paragraph identifying and justifying your reasons for choosing your MSN specialization. Be sure to incorporate any feedback you received from colleagues in this week’s Discussion Forum. NURS-6003 Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan


Justification of Nursing Specialty

            I have chosen the psychiatric nurse practitioner specialty, due to the need and demand for psychiatric mental health practitioners in the modern world. In previous years, mental healthcare has not often received as much attention as required, and there is still much to be learned about mental healthcare academically, and there are also opportunities in clinical care to improve the mental health of patients. In many cases, there is still stigma attached to mental health conditions, which makes it challenging for patients to seek and receive mental healthcare, thus the need for nurse practitioners.

In addition, people in the modern world face numerous stressors and pressures that were not occurring in previous years, with many finding it hard to cope. The result in numerous mental health conditions that affect the ability of individuals to lead healthy and productive lifestyles. Thus, I have selected the specialty due to the potential to help patients throughout their lifespan manage the mental health conditions such that they can be integrated into the society to become productive members. NURS-6003 Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan


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