Step 3: Professional Organizations Use the space below to identify and examine one professional organization related to your selected or preferred specialty. Explain how you can become a member of this organization.


One of the professional organizations related to psychiatric nursing is The American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA), which is committed to the advancement of the science and education of psychiatric mental health nursing. The organization has more than 13,500 members who form a dynamic community with access to numerous resources and programs to advance the profession. One can become a member by making and individual application through the APNA website, or by making a group application. NURS-6003 Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan

There are different types of memberships available for new members, such as the regular membership, which is available to registered nurses, who pay dues and are engaged in pursuits that further the goals of the association. There is also an option of affiliate membership for mental health professionals who are not registered nurses, who can also apply for membership through the website. International membership is available to nurses who are not residents of the United States, while retired membership is for retired registered nurses. Student membership is also available for full-time nursing students. NURS-6003 Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan 

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