The Middle-Class Scholarship

De Lucca 1
Sarah De Lucca
The Middle-Class Scholarship
24 October, 2019
Talent is a gift and an object of admiration. Every person is talented in his or her own
way, but we pay most of our attention to the talents of others. As the great Stephen King once
said, “When you find something at which you have talent, you do that thing until your fingers
bleed or your eyes pop out of your head.” Neither of these things happened to me, but I invest as
much time in my talent as I can.
I discovered the real charm of music when I was 5 years old. I heard a small string
orchestra performing in our small Mexican town and I was completely mesmerized by people
taking those beautiful sounds out of the violin. It was my great dream and ambition to become a
musician. But, it was impossible in the place where I lived as a child.
When I turned 10, my family moved to the US. As immigrants, we faced many
challenges, but my parents did all they could to enroll me into a violin class. I am still grateful
for their efforts because music is my greatest passion. I faced a lot of difficulties during the first
years of my studying. I had to make time for music when I also had to do my homework. In such
moments, my parents were tough on me, but then the words of encouragement followed as they
both knew how important music was to me. It still is.
With my ambition and true love for music, I made my way into a university orchestra.
My tough high school experience has helped me become more punctual and productive through
De Lucca 2
my college years. Now I can combine rehearsals, classes, and my social life in a balanced way. I
believe my talent helps me become a better student and paves the way to my future career as an
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