Time to Eradicate our Rotten Education System

 Time to Eradicate our Rotten Education System
Education systems all over the world should be designed with sole purpose of offering best quality education to the student without infringing on their rights. It is paramount to bear in mind that the benefits accrued from education can only be realized if proper planning is done while implementing education systems. Some leaders, who get opportunities to head institutions of learning, end up abusing their powers by implementing education systems without proper consultations. Being adamant to change has contributed to the maintenance of many education systems that are not fit for the contemporary society.

In today’s education culture, there are lots of aspects that have come to become an important part and parcel of our children educational development (Middaugh 36).  Keeping in mind the pace at which the world is moving today, we must consider aspects like technology as an important part of the education system. In the online culture which young children are used to, it is possible to access millions of documents containing information on different topics. In many occasions, the methods that our teachers use to interact with our students are quite outdated and need to be overhauled.

It is therefore not a mystery that our education system needs to get an overall facelift and the good news is that many people agree with this kind of move. Better still, several organizations are joining their efforts in order to effect and incite such a change. In one of his Memoirs Alan Greenspan wrote that “The solution to some of the gravest problems we face as a society lies on reforming the way we educate our children” (Middaugh 40).  I totally agree with this man as this is important in the course of making a long-term overhaul of the whole system.

The current education system is centralized and is supposed to provide quality education to pupils and students in schools across the country.  This system has actually created lots of inequalities across the country. These inequalities are distributed within the available opportunities. Furthermore, this has caused unevenness in the educational achievement in the fields of mathematics, reading and science.

The failure of the education system to cope with the advancements of the current era has led it to increasingly being bureaucratic, cumbersome and very clunky, causing abject failure for millions of youths who leave high school with little to show for it (Varenne 57). Keeping in mind that we have already had more than our fair share of education in the United States, what we need to have is the spirit of enterprise, which most people learn at the work place rather than at school. Things like the school leaving age and other outdated factors need to be phased out in an effort to reform our education system.

In conclusion, education reform is a process that is never ending and places the stakeholders in a difficulty position. Sometimes it is hard to know which reforms will achieve the desired goals but it is time that this agenda was taken to the next level.
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