World covered by smoke and disease

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World covered by smoke and disease
To find why smoking in public places is still not banned in every country in the
world, I found many arguments on this topic. There are a huge number of articles, journals
and arguments exist, but they lack sufficient judgment to support the cause. For the last few
years, some researchers have been trying to indicate the advantages of smoking by their
This paper describes the information that might have been felt much, but ignored. I
have tried to link them with existing knowledge about the problem and give it a new shape,
and it may give a significant degree of speed to the voice. This paper is organized in a short
form of the effort, describing a summarized view of the cause and argument.
By not smoking, a person can save as much as money to meet other costly necessities.
In third world countries, it is seen that one can save as much money to run his whole family’s
educational costs. The whole world can save enough money in one month from smoking to
eliminate hunger from the world. There will be 8-10% more food.
According to (Chapman), the world can save 65% accidental fire breakouts every year
throughout the world. A huge portion of the greenhouse effect could be reduced. Millions of
hectoring of lands would become more fertile and grow more food. Millions of square feet of
papers will be saved and thus can help the underprivileged children with their education. The 
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use of polymer would be reduced significantly. And most importantly, it will safeguard our
future generation from toxicities.
Previous studies show that smoking causes numerous diseases to human health and
mostly leads to death. Diseases of lung cancer, throat, mouth, kidney, heart and almost every
part of the body can get caught with deadly diseases. According to “Smoking during
Pregnancy Can Cause Serious Health Problems for an Unborn Child”, following those even
an unborn child is considered to be most unsecured if the mother is smoking, all those
children have to carry the consequences all along their life. These findings are known to
almost every person in the world and yet it’s not helping to ban the act.
There is one more thing which was spoken low because everybody thought that
warning everyone should be more than sufficient to awaken the society. At the present day
the climate and ecology of the world are in grave danger. According to ‘Field et al’ Till now
only factories and infrastructures that exhales smoke was in the speech, but it is time to bring
up this fact too and explain that how deeply smoking harm to the environment. One may
think that how a small cigarette can harm the earth. They should know each drop of water is
equally responsible for making the ocean.
Smoke Harms Collectively.A smoking person is not only harming himself only but
also to the person standing nearby to him with the same level of effect. If the person is a
female and pregnant, then the effect multiplies to a far greater level. By smoking, one is
harming the whole future generation and putting brick upon brick of destruction of the
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Without help from the government it will never be possible to overcome this issue.
Why all the efforts are working as expected, the answer to this question is the irresponsibility
of some people in this industry and ignorance of the government. People in this sector have
been raising issues like, unemployment, elimination of a huge industry, etc. against the
appeal and have been influencing the minds of the world leaders. When the leaders decide to
turn around and take the necessary steps only then the world will be saved. 
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