“A Leading visionary in dental care

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“A Leading visionary in dental care”
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This paper has conducted a company analysis on ProMAx: specialized in selling dental care
products. In order to conduct this analysis, a thorough assessment on the target product and
product portfolio of the company has been performed. In addition, a budgetary plan has also
been developed to implement the market plan of the company. 
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Company Vision and Objective
ProMax aims at providing dental care products such as tooth brush to customers
worldwide. The vision of the company is to provide a modern toothbrush in the 21st century,
which will give maximum benefit to the customers by relieving them from risk of infections and
cavities. Its objective is to lead in the global dental care market. The main benefit of the products
or brush is its ease of usage. The products have a definite design that provides comfort to elderly
and disabled persons while brushing their teeth compared to the conventional brushes that are not
appropriate for disabled persons. Additionally, ProMax is time saving and efficient enough to
satisfy the customers as it does not need water. It will reduce chances of cavities and gum
diseases; as well as sanitize the brush every day.
The main value proposition of the brush manufactured by ProMax is that it will reduce
brushing time to 2 minutes, when on an average about 4 minutes are wasted behind the activity.
If the customers use ProMax tooth brush then they do not have to take appointment with the
dentist 4 times a year, rather it will be cut down to twice. The sanitizer of the brush plays a vital
role in adding customer value and prevents cavities; eliminate bacteria and risk of infection. This 
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will help the product to acquire a competitive position in the market. Additionally, the core value
of ProMax is innovation, customer service and quality.
Business Model
The business model of ProMax aims at generating 45% profit margin by selling products
at a premium price as these products are necessities and there is no other alternative for it. It will
also collect revenue by selling replacement bristles and toothpaste at high margin.
Customer Value: Increase customer value by improving their oral hygiene such as fresh
breath, clean teeth and overall health. The products helps in preventing dental diseases and there
is no alternative to the products.
Existing categories: The existing categories of customers are those who use toothbrush,
electric toothbrush, mouthwash.
Key factors: The vital factors that are significant for ProMax are FDA approval, that
their products are safe and hygienic for dental usage, intellectual property, insurance plans and
establishment of distribution channels, marketing and advertisement of the products.
The three main revenue streams for the business are discussed henceforth:
Core Product: The Automatic Mouth-Brush (AMB) will be the core product of the
business along with its mouth-brush case (MBC). The main revenue will be generated from the
sale of this core product. However, there are two other revenue streams.
Bristles and Toothpaste cartridges: The second stream of revenue will be generated
from sale of tooth paste cartridges and bristles. The bristles will be replaced after every 4 months 
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that counts to thrice a year. The cartridges of the toothpaste will be replaced every month that
counts for 12 times a year.
Big date: The third stream of revenue will be generated from big data, which contains
information that will be sold with the consent of the customers to the medical associations and
dental companies. This information will be gathered with the help of a number of oral tests that
are performed on the patients; this information is directly uploaded to the database of the
business and the ProMax applications, which are used by the them.
The data will be displayed in such a manner that it can grasp the visuals of the
individuals. This data are extremely important for establishing the future of ProMax, as an
innovative device company, which is combating against poor dental health. However, the mobile
application will be launched after two years of successful operation of the business.
Sales process: The selling process that is followed by the business is depicted below:
1) The sales team will have to consult with the Decision making Units (DMU) for
understanding the policies.
2) The sale team will have lunch or dinner with DMU maintaining a formal pitch. They also
have the responsibility to follow up their sales activity with gift/food baskets for expressing the
3) The logistics department and staffs needs to be trained on ProMax so that they can solve
any problem arising during the delivery of the products to the customers.
4) The custom mouthpiece brush is delivered to the patient, who visits the pers 

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