Analysis of Hastings’s leadership style in context with Big Five Model for personality leadership


Table of Contents
Answer – 1:  Analysis of Hastings’s leadership style in context with Big Five Model for personality leadership:	3
Answer -2: Analysis of Style of Leadership used at Pure Software Company and at Netflix:	4
Answer -3:  Analysis of various elements like quality of leadership, delegation of power, effectiveness of business network, ability of management to negotiate and organizational internal politics:	6
Answer – 4:   Analysis of communication, feedback, coaching style from pure software to Netflix:	7
Answer -5:  Recommendations for emerging leaders:	7
Reference:	9

Answer – 1:  Analysis of Hastings’s leadership style in context with Big Five Model for personality leadership:

Leadership and Strategy are the important determinants for the success of the business. Both are correlated with each other. One can define business as series of action to be taken to achieve the desired business goal. The business goal is the future desired position as highlighted by the vision statement. Management forms various strategies to achieve the visionary goal. The strategy is the roadmap which takes the business organisation ahead towards the visionary goal. Here it should be noted that well drafted strategy may fail if the same is not implemented in proper way. Hence management needs to implement the strategy in more proper and effective manner. Here the role of leader comes in picture. The leader is the person who leads the organisation ahead by taking all stakeholders together. This is a very crucial task. It requires the ability to take work done from the other. According to management theory, the leader must have conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, openness and neuroticism. As the leadership is personal quality, the above elements helps the leader to take the management ahead. In context with the Netflix, Hastings’s leadership quality and his ability to forecast are the key determinant of organisation’s success. Hastings’s participate style of leadership has contributed more in development of company. While managing pure software company, Hastings used to employ autocratic style of leadership in which he exercise authority over employee to get the work done. Being leader one need to take work done from other in a manner that person from work is to be taken must enjoy the work. This will create positive environment in the organisation. However the way in which Hastings used to take work done in his previous organisation i.e pure software company, is de-motivating in nature. He used to scold employee if the idea suggested by employee found not workable. (SARAH E. STRANG, 2004)
While employing the business strategy in Netflix, Hastings has changed the style of leadership from autocratic to participative. His leadership style evidences extraversion, where he used to take part in the business planning actively with full of energy and enthusiasm. He seems more talkative with his human assets i.e his workforce. Moreover with the implementation of participative style of leadership, he has started listing to suggestion and innovative idea of his employee. Instead of scolding employee for his non workable plan, he used to appreciate his participation and ask the employee to research more to make it workable. This has motivated workers towards their work. This evidences the agreeableness quality of the leader. Moreover he has tried to manage the organization in more efficient, planed and organized manner. He has ability to forecast the upcoming changes and in this line, he used to make necessary changes in his business model. His ability of forecasting and thinking beyond the solder of competitors, results into planned development of Netflix. This evidences conscientiousness quality of successful leader. Moreover he used to make more innovative product that suits the need to future generation. In this context he used to motivate his employee for research and development. With the help of research and development, the company has successfully offered live streaming instrument to its customer. His ability to forecast, curiousness, and imagination indicates the openness quality of successful leader. (Paul T. Bartone, 2009)
Hence to conclude we can say that, the change in leadership style from autocratic to participative along with adoption of conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, openness and neuroticism where he led the organisation taking all stakeholders ahead is the major reason for success of Netflix. 

Answer -2: Analysis of Style of Leadership used at Pure Software Company and at Netflix:
The success of the business depend management’s ability to manage the business operation. The business operation is aggregation of various functions to be performed with the help of human forces and technology. Hence the management must have ability to manage the both the resources namely human resources and technology. However the management of human resources is more 

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