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Article 1
Hildebrandt, T. T., Debois, S., Slaats, T., & Marquard, M. (2017). Managing Complexity in Process Digitalisation with Dynamic Condition Response Graphs. In BIR Workshops. Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 1 Jan 2019]

The digitalisation is one of the common issues in the business that mainly occur the business growth. Moreover, the digitalization is a process that mainly transfers the information in a digital part and also allows the values in producing. As per the analysis it also found that the digitisation process also maintains the business growth and improve the business process to a greater degree. The digitalization is basically affected the economic process and also decreases the profit margin as well. According to the journal the main impact of the digitalisation is that it mainly helps on the growth of the business and also identifies the process of digitalisation. Accordingly the main target of this article is employees. As per the analysis it mainly found that. Moreover, digitalization is an important part of the internet of the new ecosystem that mainly maintains every single element of the business ess. According to the business communication the the digitalisation also maintain the communication process so that the business can improve rapidly.
Article 2
Warning, A., & Weber, E. (2018). Digitalisation, hiring and personnel policy: Evidence from a representative business survey (No. 10/2018). IAB-Discussion Paper. Retrieved from:[Retrieved on: 1 Jan 2019] 

As per the analysis, it found that the digitalization is mainly helped to motivate the employees, increase the networking use and also associated with them in the change of the products. Moreover a new wave digitalization also provides the interlinking process of the virtual digital and the physical world as well. Similarly, the digitalization also decreases the market value and the profit margin as well. In order to use them, as a result, it also held in the permanent changes in the labor demand. Moreover, according to the business, the organization mainly follows two types of digitalization such as External digitalization and internal digitalisation. External digitalization is mainly referred to in the digital network process. Moreover, it also describes the network processor with the external stakeholders such as suppliers and the customers.  According to the internal digitalization, it mainly refers the internal productivity. Moreover, it also identifies the internal stakeholders and also helps to develop and effective communication with them.
Article 3
Zimmermann, V. (2016). SMEs and digitalisation: The current position, recent developments and challenges. KfW research. Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 1 Jan 2019] 

According to this journal Zimmermann (2016) is mainly stated that, the current position of the digitalization, developments, and challenges. As per the analysis, it mainly found that the digitalization is mainly helped to develop business growth and also helps to increase the profit margin. Moreover, the current situation the digitalization is one of the common and popular topics that basically describe the process of the business organization. Moreover, the main challenges of the digitalization are that it mainly increases the issue of the agenda off EWCs. as per the analysis, it found that the work of the trade union also faces the allies because of digitalization. Moreover the digitalization also has a negative impact on the business and also provided the challenges. The main target of this article is that the customer and has the negative impact of the digitalization.  Accordingly, the digitalization also helps to hire the employees and increase market growth in the market area. As per the analysis, it also found that the digitalization has various impacts on the business communication process.
Article 4
Römer, B., Gemsjäger, B., Di Lembo, G., & Fröhner, W. (2017). How to shape digitalisation in the energy sector–a new approach for systematic business innovation. CIRED-Open Access Proceedings Journal, 2017(1), 2767-2771. Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 1 Jan 2019] 

According to this journal Römer et al., (2017) is basically focus on the facts of use of digitalization in the communication business. Moreover, it also helps to develop effective communication within the employee and the customer as well. Accordingly, this journal also states the fact of the digitalization in the energy sector. Moreover, digitalization also helps in the business innovatio 

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