Career episode

Career episode 1
I have briefed my detail project work on “GSM based poultry farm automation” during my bachelor degree in electronics and communication engineering. I conducted the project under the supervision of entersupervisor’s name with a positionat entering the university name with location. The project was started from enter starting date and accomplished in enter completion date. This project was mainly focused on providing a fully automated system for a poultry farm and with flexibility for controlling all the devices from a remote location using GSM technology.

The development and implementation of the embedded system are increasing in rapid pace from past few decades. The area of the embedded system is widening day by day which includes industrial sectors, health care system and security systems too. Automation in agriculture business is also a no exception. There is a long history behind the evolution of poultry business which plays a significant role in the world economy. According to a survey, more than 50 billion chickens are consumed as the main source of protein. For the better productivity and get maximum profit from the farming, we have to provide better environmental conditions such as controller temperature humidity, the flow of air, continuous water and feed. This is not possible in traditional poultry farming system. There are many companies in the market which provides the full automation for large-scale farms and they cost more. This is not idle for small farmers in a country like India. 
To solve the existing problems of traditional farming, we proposed this project work which is very economical and provide full automation in the farming. This is a GSM-basedsystem for controlling devices from a remote location through SMS.
To design and fabricate the GSM-basedpoultry farm automation system was the main motive of this project. Other minor motives are listed in the following points.
•	To maximize the productivity of the farm by providing a suitable environment for the birds.
•	To reduce running cost and increase profit by reducing the manpower and saving electric bills.
•	To provide a facility for the owner to control all the devices and system from the remote location.
Organizational chart
 The project was conducted under the department of electronics and communication engineering. The followinghierarchy shows the information flow along with my position in the project development phase.
Figure: hierarchy for the poultry farm automation.

Roles and responsibilities
I was assigned as a team head of the project for completing the project within the estimated timeframe. I gave credit to all my teammates for accomplishing their tasks on time sensibly. The major responsibilities that I had taken during the execution phase are listed in the following points.
•	I performed detailed study collecting information from sources like books, articles, journals and academic project documents available.
•	Next, I selected suitable and high-performance components for the project work and made BOQ.
•	I designed the circuit connection in Proteus software for the proposed automatic poultry farming system.
•	Then, I wrote coding to interface other components with the microcontroller according to the circuit connection and also simulated.
•	I optimized the connection, prepared circuit layout and preformed PCB fabrication.
•	After that, I fabricated all the components on the PCB board to developthe system.
Personal engineering Activities
I spent a couple of weeks for the literature review process for strong understanding about the project domain before jumping into practical work. I gleaned information through numerous articles, journals, academic books,and related project documents.I also searched different websites related to the project.I studied about GSM modules, its working principles, advantages,and disadvantages. I also went through datasheet of a number of microcontrollers and Arduinos to use them as central processing unit based and compared their performance as well as cost to make the system cost-effective. Then, I searched about various sensors such as temperature, humidity and water level etc. to implement them to measure the required parameters inside the farm. I also downloaded required software for the project work such as Proteus, Atmel Studio, Eagle software,and Android studio. Then, I arranged a team meeting for further discussion on the project work and prepared Gantt chart for scheduling tasks. At last, I pointed out possible technical problems and their solution statements from documentation of similar projects.
Next step in the process was a selection of components to develop more effective automation for poultry farming. I consulted with the supervisor and discussed in the project group. After that, I made the decision to use low power consuming, high-performance 8-bit CMOS 

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