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This report contains correlation among different mobile strategy such as bring your own devise (BOD), chose your own devise (CYOD), Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE), and selection of any one of the strategy accordance to requirement of business , this report mainly discuss about selection of any one of this three strategy, here specific employee force of organisation is given basis on this force which strategy shall be adopted is discuss here along with justification for selection of such strategy 
There has been a great deal of build up around the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  throughout the last few a long time, and properly so - Ovum research demonstrates that around 57% of all representatives worldwide are getting to corporate information in some structure on an individual cell phone or tablet. In any case, our meaning of BYOD is that it is a conduct that is going on in any case, not a technique that organizations must receive.( Richard Absalom) As we enter a portable first environment and portability turns into an inexorably critical part of each IT office's administration, getting devise and application provisioning procedures right is fundamental. Understanding representative conduct and what is driving them to utilize their own devise at work is a critical stride in building up that arrangement, yet a portability strategy does not simply mean permitting and empowering workers to utilize their own devise for work.  
Meaning of word BOD 
Bring your own particular device (BYOD) bring your very own Computer (BYOPC) refers to the strategy of allowing representatives to bring by and by possessed cell phones  to their work environment, and to utilize those devise to get to advantaged organization data and applications. BYOD use is basically determined by saw enjoyment. The phenomenon is ordinarily related to as IT consumerization. (Richard Absalom)
Usually such policy is adopted by corporation because of constrain size of organisation as well corporation believes in cost controlling policy, moreover number of employees are limited to corporation, and there exist lass use or work of mobiles or tablets and of related instruments. One of the drawback of this strategy is BDOY strategy will not be suitable for long tram in any organisation, reason behind this drawback , is growth of business, one’s business start growing there are many factors which are necessary for consideration as ignorance of such becomes a reason for loss of market or available opportunity for business.  
Today, representatives hope to utilize individual cell phones and cell phones at work, making BYOD security a sympathy toward IT groups. Numerous enterprises that permit representatives to utilize their own particular cell phones at work execute a BYOD security approach that obviously traces the organization's position and administration arrangement to help IT better deal with these devise and guarantee system security is not traded off by representatives utilizing their own particular devise at work.

Best suitable:
Bring your own devise mobility strategy will best suitable when usage of personal devise in organisation will not create any kind of risk, such as loss of data or loss of  any business information, moreover organisation believes in cost controlling policy, and find that investing in devise for employees for business purpose are not required. 
	The aim of company is to support the employees by allowing them to use personal devise for business purpose 
	 Companies allows its employees to  a personal devise as such devise is under approve list by internal control department 
	 Where employees are not ready to two devise one is for personal use and other one is for business purpose 
	Employees wants to associated with new technology, and test and preference of employees are differ, in a way that employees are believes to keep in teach with new technologies available in market 
	Where internal IT control are very secure by high tech technology. In a way that is any employees tries to check or theft any date or business information then such internal security system will quickly informs the responsible persons for security purposes
	Numerous business organisations are thinking about by and by possessed cell phones for business applications. They will probably drive representative fulfilment and profitability using new advancements, while at the same time decreasing mobile and associate devise costs.

Meaning of CYOD 
Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) refers to a technique where associations give their employees a decision of devise to use at work. It is frequently utilized close by a Corporate Owned Personally Enabled model, where the employee is permitted 

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