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Changes in Hospitality Environment 1
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Changes in Hospitality Environment
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Changes in Hospitality Environment 2
1. Introduction
Change has always been a source of fear in business world especially in the world of
hospitality, however, despite of the apprehension, it is still the most constant factor of every
industry. What is known to us today is no more applicable tomorrow and the techniques that
brought great success yesterday are no longer efficient today. The truth is change is an inevitable
truth that cannot be denied is occurring all the time in the form of a constant cycle. Hospitality
operators who are reluctant to this change have to be either extremely satisfied with their
mediocre performance or to be ready to get overthrown by the hostile challenges of this
competitive world (Rathode, 2006). This paper discusses the changes that are constantly taking
place in the hospitality industry environment along with the implications of marketing in hotels
industry to understand the impact of these changes.
The ability to effectively manage this change is an art in itself. Especially in the world of
hospitality, embracing and accepting the change is of great benefit. For industries, including
hotels and tourist firms, it is essential to overcome change by keeping a specific attitude and
skills for anticipating and visualizing the forthcoming changes and be able to impend and plan
their strategies accordingly. These strategies are not limited to the services that are provided but
also include the effective way of communication with customers and co-workers, as well as
future prospects to stay abreast of the competition.
Change may come easily, it is not so easily accepted by the firms and organisations not ready
for it. An industry needs to be ready with all its strategies planned for any sudden change in the
market that accompany the modern hospitality sectors in various ways. There is no specific root
of these changes as they can be brought by the amenities, new technology adaptation, marketing
Changes in Hospitality Environment 3
strategies, business threats, economic shifts, customer demands, staff turnover, and Government
and consumer legislations etc (Sparks, Mok, & Kandampully, 2001).
2. Changes in Hospitality Environment
Changes in the world of hospitality have resulted in the change of many operational and
marketing strategies in different sectors. The anticipation and alarm created due to these sudden
shifts in the business styles and these two things should be kept in mind while running hospitality
business. Predicting the future is impossible, but there are some indications and issues that a
business can consider in order to help prepare them for future changes. The paradigm shift, can
be a reason of stress and frustration amongst businesses which mainly depends on the past
predictions and perceptions of the future. It has been observed in past that those who view
change as a positive factor are more apt to benefit from it and are able to avail more
opportunities more future. The most successful entrepreneurs embrace change and accept it
instead of fearing, intimidating or denying its presence.
When comparing the hospitality industry from what it was a decade ago to what it is now, the
changes that the industry has gone through are astonishing. Regardless of the size of the
industry’s complexity, many of its arms, like every other business, are inter-linked with
technology. Computer systems have now allowed the customers to book flights, hotel rooms,
rental cars, as well as their whole trips online including a way to pay for these services as well
(Powers & Barrows, 2008).
2.1. The Paradigm Shift
Changes in Hospitality Environment 4
The paradigm shift has helped the hospitality industries to embrace change and plan for the
future in a more effective manner. The fact that customers are guests are now served in most
courteous and professional manners, as well as the irretrievable satisfaction, marketing strategies
and current product portfolios are all outcomes of the change. Industries have understood that the
division of responsibilities and duties are an effective part of the paradigm shift which not only
reinforces positive service behaviours but also deliver memorable guest services which helps
generate guaranteed desire for returns of the investors and customers. The paradigm shift helps
businesses organise their actions and provide a structure that fulfils the needs of business
security. Some examples of these changes can be seen in the world of hospitality, when in the
shipping world, the system of old reservations was taken over by new technological
advancements (Brotherto 

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