cyber Security in Business Organizations

 Cyber Security in Business Organizations
Advanced computer technology has certainly improved lives in many aspects. There are
better medical services, online shopping that has enabled door delivery of products, distance
learning modules for universities and colleges, and many other things. In today’s world, it is easy
to learn how to do anything and obtain whatever it is one may want without having to move from
one’s resting zone (Goodman, 2014). However, it has also made increased the vulnerability of
people to unsuspecting breaches of privacy and theft of personal data left in online websites and
retail portals (Himma, 2007). In the recent past, there have been various security breaches in
some of the most used websites where subscriber data, including financial transactions, credit
card information and addresses are stolen. Some of the most publicized hacks include Myspace,
eBay, Anthem, JPMorgan Chase, and Ashley Madison, among others in the recent past
(, 2016). Target, a retail company that has over 1700 stores in the
USA became a victim of an avertable hack from Russian hackers (Riley, Elgin, Lawrence, &
Matlack, 2014). As mentioned, this breach of the company’s clients’ transaction records was
avoidable. However, there are various issues that led to the occurrence despite various red lights
that were raised regarding the incident before it happened.
The most significant issue that permitted the hack was negligence. Negligence, by
definition is the lack of proper response, if any, in light of looming fatality, danger, or any
unwarranted activity. According to the report of events leading to the attack and the reaction
afterwards, as published in Bloomberg online (Riley, Elgin, Lawrence, & Matlack, 2014), the
Thanksgiving attack on the company’s servers that served its 1797 outlets, malicious activity had
been noticed well in advance before the attack. Many Americans use cards to make payments at
convenience stores and other shopping areas.  

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