Data Analysis

The research methodology and the techniques of analyzing the data have been detailed in the
previous chapter. This chapter presents an analysis of the primary data through semi structured
interviews conducted with respondents selected from the senior officials of Muslim Commercial
Bank Pakistan. The other objective of this chapter is to enable the reader understand the
important view points on the research topic that have been developed from the interviews.
4.1 Introduction
In any analysis of data it is important that certain basic factors are cleared so that there can be an
effective conclusion reached. This includes the considerations of the source of data, whether the
data has been peer-reviewed before analysis, the methods used for collection of data, whether
proper comparisons have been made with other available information and data and the context
under which the data and information were presented for analysis.
In the current study, being of a qualitative nature there was no necessity to collect any
quantitative data for analysis, review, and comparison. The qualitative information on the
performance appraisal of Muslim Commercial Bank was gathered using structured interviews
conducted with the senior officers of the Bank. Since the study was focusing on the performance
appraisal of the particular bank there was no need to collect any other information from
alternative sources for peer-review or comparison. Thus the analysis of the information gathered
is limited to the extent of a comprehensive presentation of the inferences, opinions, and view
points of the respondents which are relevant to the study 

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