Digital Marketing Strategy: Growth Hacking Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy: Growth Hacking Strategy
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Digital Marketing Strategy: Growth Hacking Strategy
App Overview
The new app to be launched in the near future chosen for the purpose of this study is the WeDo app. It is a simple to-do list app that makes work easy and helps in prioritizing tasks and meetings on the go. One can jot down their grocery lists or a big list for the upcoming trip and share them with others using the in-built share feature. The key distinguishing feature of this app is that it provides features like repetitive tasks, tasks assigning, attachment sharing, note taking etc. for free unlike other to-do list apps. One can make use of the app for personal tasks or even share it with the peer members for getting work done in an organized and smart manner. The download is completely free. The app also has a few key features that are provided as paid services. These are unique and can act as another platform for revenue generation.
Target Audience
The target audience for this app will be almost everyone who wants to have an organized lifestyle. The app offers a time saving and a quick alternative to making to-do lists. The app is going to be specifically popular among office goers and business personnel who have a lot in hand and look for easier and time saving ways to organize their meetings, tasks, schedules, and other work. Another set of potential consumers of the app is going to be the student group who have a list of assignments, events, and trips and feel the need for a quick and handy app that works as a list taker. The third set of users is going to be the regular grocery shopper, which is almost every adult. In terms of geographies, the app is applicable for use all across the globe.
Growth Hacking Strategies
The three basic growth hacking strategies that will be adopted for this mobile application are the following:
1.	Reaching out the audience with pitch e-mails: to reach out to the audience, WeDo will send emails to business clients, homemakers, students, and almost every adult who looks for simplification of lives by making lists. 
The email will notify people of the benefits of the app and also invite them to participate in the marketing campaign. The marketing campaign will provide 100 randomly chosen users to get a free subscription of the paid services of the application once they have installed it. Such a campaign will attract the attention of the email readers. It is expected that people will check the app to gain any free benefits available.  
2.	Uploading posts on Quora, Hacker News, and Reddit: the posts to be uploaded on Quora will comprise answering questions on organizing, self organizing, trip lists, to do lists, grocery lists, and scheduling tasks. There will be posts on Quora, Reddit, and Hacker News on self-organization and simplifying the task of making to-do lists, and they also will be covering the importance of making such lists. The posts will also advertise the free marketing campaign that will give 100 randomly chosen people a free subscription to the paid services of the app for a year. This will also act as a source of advertisement for the app to bring in more traffic.
3.	The Kickstarter platform for exposure: the app will lure the 100 randomly selected users with a free annual subscription of its paid services. This would allow a great exposure for all of its potential users across the globe. This will begin the frenzy as the app will be usable by all and many people will want to gain extra benefits from an app that could be a daily used item.  
App Store Optimization
To gain greater visibility on the App store, the App Store optimization technique to be adopted for this app will include:
1.	Use of the keyword “To-Do List” in the title description of the app to make it more visible in search results of potential users.
2.	To create a bullet list of the key features of the app highlighting the key free features and the benefits of the same in order to gain instant attention of the potential user of WeDo app.
3.	Designing an app icon that instantly catches the attention of the potential customer in the search results and instantly explains the key use of the app.
The first paragraph of the app can be rewritten as follows:
●	‘WeDo : To Do and Shareable Lists.”
We Do is the simplest To-Do list app that allows one touch access to their most important lists and also make them instantly shareable with friends through most popular media platforms. It is simple, powerful, and helps in getting tasks done almost instantly.

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