Table of Contents
Introduction	3
Assessment 1	3
Homelessness and Domestic Violence in New Castle	3
Project Objective	4
Assessment 2	5
Relevant Theories	5
Conclusion	7
References	8

The paper aim is to provide a theoretical review and report of the project carried out to evaluate the homelessness and domestic violence situation in New Castle. The paper structured with all relevant sources that are been extracted and evaluated in the project. It provides a brief analysis of the reason behind the project and the methods have been chosen to outline the situations in New Castle for the profession. Various theories based on community, advocacy is collected, and a review of the theories that are relevant to the Domestic violence issues is discussed.
Assessment 1
Homelessness and Domestic Violence in New Castle 
Homelessness and Domestic Violence is turning out to be a chronic issue in Australia as the social work profession is hampered. Though the issue regarding homelessness is analyzed based on individual experiences, other important reasons need to be considered based on this context. The social workers need to show great efforts to solve these challenges and need to figure out the situation in the New Castle area (O’Brien, 2018).  The most highlighted issues such as political divergence, lack of equality in society and power relations need to be considered in resolving the issue. The project's central point of attention will be on the homelessness situations in New Castle in Australia.
Homelessness as said is not the inadequacy of proper houses in the region but it also is influenced by domestic violence, scarcity of employment, physical and mental ill-treatment. This issue is coming out to be an indicator of other difficulties and the domestic violence and ill-treatment is the culprit behind it in New Castle. Various factors mentioned by Nicola Health in their article mainly focusing on the domestic violence issue in New Castle, Australia. A report based on homelessness was generated showing among 10,000 people there are 50 homeless survivors are present in Australia (Cooper, 2016).
Project Objective
The main aim to choose this project is to act as a dynamic social worker in the field of Community and Advocacy and generate more awareness to the people to reduce domestic violence and help people have their home.
Main objectives can be addressed as follows:
●	Exploring the possibility of more number of houses through a systematic approach for the sufferer of Domestic Violence in New Castle.
●	Spreading global awareness and implementing an increased fundraising program to secure cottages for the refuge in Australia.
●	Critical analysis and thoughts evaluation of the probable effects of social inequity and the way to encourage people to move them to a safe zone.
●	Plans evaluations to help reduce the quantity and quality of homeless peoples (Oakley & Bletsas, 2018).
●	Community and Advocacy awareness initiatives to earn support from local people.
●	A written proposal to the MP/Government body claiming appreciation of the homelessness situation and serve the victims with more options

Assessment 2
Relevant Theories
System Theory 
The systems theory in the context of homelessness and non-violence in the region of New Castle in Australia has been discussed with relevant examples. In the context of social work, when trying to understand individual issues, families, organizations, societies and others are taken as systems, which influence the behavior of an individual as a whole. The systems theory was taken to understand the data of homeless people who are waiting to search for homes. The waiting list has been increasing for two years in the Newcastle sector and eighteen years in the inner parts of Sydney (Goldsmith, 2016). Government housing data has been taken into account to know about these significant statistics. It has also been compared with respect to systems theory that if people are rendered homeless due to social issues, then the overall housing system gets impacted. Using an action plan as well as supported literature review, the project aims to bring the issue to the local level, and take the help of any local authority to serve the issue of women being rendered homeless due to domestic violence (Goldsmith, 2016).
Critical Social Theory
The critical social theory has been defined here with respect to homelessness in the Newcastle region of Australia. The critical social theory has been studied here by comparing it with other social approaches like the anti-oppression theory and structuralism. It has been elaborated here providing an adequate reference to the journal article, that social injustices happen due to the presence of inequality in social structures (Valentine & Breckenridge, 2016). In order to remove such social inequalities, social theorists are to make commitments to understand and give so 

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