Employment Law – Case Study

 Topic : Employment Law – Case Study
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Employment Law – Case Study
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Human Rights 2
The United Nations is a agency which monitors compliance regarding the protection of human
rights which are guaranteed by the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” . This
Commissioner was established by UN General Assembly in 1993 year. UN High Commissioner
for Human Rights in August 2008 is Navi Pillay. Since the inception of the UN, fundamental
rights were proclaimed and freedoms and to prioritize those rights and their protection is the
primary responsibility of States. The main structural unit of the UN Human Rights High
Commissioner is the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. It is the focal point of the
United Nations Commission on Human Rights. It is headed by the UN High Commissioner for
Human Rights. The High Commissioner for Human Rights is appointed by the General
Assembly for four years, is charged with many tasks, including the promotion and protection of
the effective enjoyment of human rights, promoting international cooperation for human rights,
promotion and coordination of human rights within the system the United Nations. July 28,
2008, the General Assembly without a vote, approved the proposal of UN Secretary General Ban
Ki-moon to appoint Navi Pillay (South Africa), the new UN High Commissioner for Human
Rights.Her four-year term began on 1 September 2008. From 1 July 2004 to June 30, 2008 UN
High Commissioner for Human Rights was Louise Arbour (Canada). Her predecessor, Sergio
Vieira de Mello (Brazil), died in office as head of the UN mission in Iraq in an explosion at the
UN in Baghdad August 19, 2003 is the legal basis for the Office of the Secretary-General
Bulletin "Organization of the Office of the United United Nations Commission on Human Rights
", which also spells out the basic functions of Commissioner's primary sector activities, etc.
United Nations
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as manage and perform
the functions assigned specifically to him or her by the General Assembly in its resolution
48/141 of 20 December 1993 and subsequent resolutions of the legislative bodies. In its
activities, management is guided by two key documents OHCHR Plan of Action and its Strategic
Management Plan 2008-2009. Their main activity is to protect human rights OHCHR leads
global human rights efforts speaks out objectively in the face of human rights violations
worldwide. Our method of work focuses on three major dimensions: standard-setting,
monitoring, and implementation on the ground. In fact, it can be described as: assisting in the
development of new standards of human rights, promoting the ratification of treaties on human
rights. The High Commissioner must also take action against serious violations of human rights 
Human Rights 3
and to take preventive action. In addition, since theprimary responsibility for protecting human
rights lies with Governments, the High Commissioner to support them. It is expressed as
follows: advice to the Secretary-General on United Nations policy on human rights, provides
substantive and administrative support to projects and activities, as well as programs of human
rights, is the Secretary-General at meetings of human rights bodies and other activities on
human rights, and performs special assignments as decided by the Secretary. Direction of their
activity is very broad: democracy, globalization, business, children, civil and political rights,
HIV, AIDS, housing, health, death, migration, minorities, terrorism, racism, etc. And in every
sphere of activity assigned to the speaker, team, and individual committees.
Activities and role in relations to protecting people
Kuwait late Monday disclosed that Israelis aggressive policy in the occupied territories will
continue unless the Security Council assumes its responsibility and takes firm measures to stop
the crimes perpetrated against the Palestinian people and to send a covey of international
observers to protect them from the oppression of the occupying forces, as soon as possible.
Addressing a Security Council open meeting on the situation in the Palestinian occupied
territories, Affaires Mansour Al- Otaibi revealed that the councils prompt response to the request
of the Islamic conference to hold this important meeting proves the councils conviction that it
must take steps to stop this deterioration. By standing as a spectator while the Palestinian people
are suffering the daily aggression by Israel, the International Community has engaged its
government to intensify its aggression in order to force the Palestinians to renounce their
legitimate rights.
He pointed out that the situation in the occupied territories is very grave and 

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