Ethical Decision Making in Organization

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Ethical Decision Making in Organization
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The Decision making process has been an important criteria that has to be given due
attention in case of the organizations. The complexity in the business processes and rapid
enhancement across all the areas of the organization requires managers to not only make the
sound decision, but also to make them at no time. The success of an organization to a larger
extent depends upon the ability of its management to take good and effective decisions
(Kinicki 2008, 249-50). In order to fulfill the complex needs of the customers on a timely
basis, it has becomes essential that the management should try to adopt every possible means
in order to satisfy such complex demands. The competition in the market has driven to all
these changes and businesses are compelled to take quick decisions. In addition to this, there
has been rapid enhancement in the field of technology that has also provided with various
tools to the management in order to support their decisions. Such tools enable the
management to not only takes the sound decision, but also to comply with all the major
requirements of the customers. In addition to this, the customers are also quite attentive in
this complex modern era and they are more concerned with the decisions being undertaken by
organizations. They are highly aware about the ethical aspects concerning the major decisions
taken by the organizations and as such, it has also become necessary for the organization to
consider the ethical aspects as well, while undertaking big decisions. It has been found that
customers use to purchase the products of that organization, which is ethically sound enough
in making its business decisions. Thus, in order to survive in this complex modern era, it
becomes essential for the businesses to not only make the sound decisions, but also to ensure
ethical aspect in their decisions as well (Ferrell, Ferrell and Fraedrich 2005, 40-42). Apart
from all this factors, the cultural aspects also have a major role to play in the ethical decision 
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making process. As the companies are globalizing their activities, they are facing a totally
different culture, which also affects their ability to take ethical decisions (Srnka 2004, 1-32).
This paper is basically concerned with a brief discussion on the decision making
processes that are being followed in the organizations, in order to effectively meet out the
complex demands of the modern customers. In addition to this, the paper will also include a
brief discussion on the ways through which managers can transform these decisions into a
more ethical one in the context of contemporary organizations. Finally, the paper concludes
with a brief conclusion on the major findings from the analysis about the decision making
processes in the given paper.
Decision Making Processes
Decision making is an important perspective that persists in case of almost all the
organization whether it is big or small organization. It becomes essential for the managers to
take decisions in order to conduct the activities of the organization in the most efficient
manner. Managers in the organization are best referred to as the decision makers and as such,
the success or the failure of the organization to a larger extent depends upon its decision
makers. Good decision by managers would lead to overall success and a bad one would lead
to the failure of the organization. This implies that decision making is quite crucial for the
success of the business organization. Decision making is usually done in case of a complex
changing environment which comprises of constantly changing factors. As a result, best
managers of the successful companies sometimes make blunder while taking important
decision for the entire organization. As the business environment is changing at a rapid pace,
managers in organizations are dealing with a higher percentage of non programmed
decisions. This implies that the complex decision making environment have increased the
difficulties in the decision making process and as such, there is a need for a new decision 
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making processes in the organization, for the purpose of ensuring effective decision making
that leads to the overall success of the organization. However, the managers should adopt a
rational decision making approach while dealing with the complex problem of the
organization. This is because, the rational approach focus on the need for systematic analysis
of a problem which is followed by a logical step by step sequence. A systematic procedure
should be followed by the managers while taking important decisions. A deep understanding
to the managers about the decision making process would help him in taking better decisions
even there exists a lack of clear information (Lozano 2001, 126-128). The decision making

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