Ethical, Legal and Moral Considerations

Ethical, Legal and Moral Considerations
Being a leader is indeed a tough task. Guiding fellow human beings on what should be
done is difficult because everyone might be having an idea on how to tackle issues. Nevertheless,
we will feature on some of the common challenges that leaders and top leaders face in
organizations. For example, the topic is under the leadership of United States Agency for
International Development (USAID) and the services provided to the people through the
collaborating of the government leaders and the agency. Delivering care to rural areas where no
care is, consider ethical, legal, and moral considerations of care and challenges as a leader comes
along with the provision of the services required by the people.
Twelve foreign operations accounts fund the U.S Agency for International Development.
The agency started in America and spread all over the world in building economies. Apart from
the agency and the leadership of America converging to serve only the United States, the
services provided to the people were spread to the whole world through the USAID agency.
Major challenges faced by leaders
The development of leadership effectiveness. The decisions relying on the time factor at
work, the effectiveness of work and decision-making are a challenge. Prioritization of ideas and
decision-making takes a process since every employee comes up with an idea, and all must be
evaluated before a decision is made (Zehir, & Erdogan, 2011). 

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