Feasibility Analysis

Revenue Resources
The “Wedding Experience” is built based on the Singapore’s ability to achieve multiracial society. Garnefeld et al. (2013) cite that revenue streams represent the building blocks through which the company generates income (p.18). In other words, revenue stream is the
lifeblood of the company. The main sources of revenue income include commission from sales
and forecast state of website subscription. The company would be receiving commission
depending on the seats sold. For example, if the sales of the seats are high, the commission is
expected to be high. Gallego and Hu (2014) assert that dynamic pricing mechanism depends on
the market condition and the negotiation power of the buyer. Therefore, if couples required more
items, the commission would rise. Advertisement generates revenue from newspaper and web.
The “Wedding Experience” provides a platform through which other auxiliary products or
services would be advertised. The “Wedding Experience” is also collaborating with local online
display web users to advertise products and services worth more than $ 2 million. According to
Aguirre, Mahr et al. (2015), website promotes sales as well as improves branding (35).
Subscription to the “Wedding Experience” services would also act as a revenue stream to the
business. Subscription to the “Wedding Experience” services App contributes to about 40% of
the revenue realized by the company. The forecast sales from subsriction are expected to achieve
a monthly revenue growth due to increased consumer traffic. From the growth perspective, the
estimated sale for the first month is $.... The financial resources are expected to be generated
from grin venture team, loans, investors, and government grants. Investors who find the business
lucrative would be willing to invest more money to the business. As such, the business receives
money for its operation 

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