Grave’s Disease

Grave’s Disease
The proper functioning of the human body is dependant upon the normal working of the systems
of the human body. The coordination of these systems is essential for maintaining all the normal
processes that take place with in the body. The endocrine system is an important system vital for
leading a normal life. Any pathologic condition affecting the endocrinology of the body usually
does not only produce local effects but it is a cause of many systemic disturbances affecting the
efficient working of the body. This paper will particularly focus upon the pathological condition
of the endocrine system known as Grave’s disease. This disease condition which affects the
thyroid gland produces a wide range of effects on the human body. This paper will encompass all
the aspects of Grave’s disease describing its causes and the body wide effects of this condition.
Furthermore, for a proper understanding of the disorder it will also provide an account of the
normal functioning of the gland 

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