Impact of Schools Essay

Impact of Schools Essay




Impact of Schools Essay
Question One

The Teacher-Student relationship (TSR) is a significant everyday interactive experience as it contributes to the developmental of student`s cognitive processes. As a result, this affiliation needs to be examined critically in regards to the role that the teacher partakes. For instance, the perception of students toward a teacher’s reward, evaluation process and policies impacts their performance while in school. On the other hand, home-schooling provides parents with a way of having control over their children’s education (Barry, Clarke, Jenkins, & Patel, 2013). It also allows the students to learn in a conducive environment as per their need as compared to the traditional system. Moreover, this form of education is not associated with any adverse impact. Examples of benefits accrued from homeschooling include: more attention, no stress-inducing test, and bullying related to schooling is avoided among others.

Question Two

The central goal of education should be the development of a sense of responsibility, which should involve developing students’ cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills. The brain, especially during adolescence, undergoes a significant period of growth and development. This means that as students learn, they are undergoing neurodevelopment. In case of any problem or interference in these processes, serious impacts are experienced in their afterlife. Therefore, education should ensure that the learners thrive both socially and academically. Moreover, schooling should incorporate psychomotor experience by including practical experiments and co-curriculum activities (Lepp, Sanders, Barkley, Rebold, & Gates, 2013). Furthermore, students may experience trauma in their respective home, and thus the school should be a place of nurturing students’ mental health.

Question Three

According to research, physical fitness has been identified to improve the academic performance of students. Time dedicated to recess and physical education in the curriculum has also been acknowledged to foster the achievement of learners. For instance, reading and mathematics are the most impacted topics by physical exercises. This is because these topics rely on the effective and efficient execution of functions, which have been associated with physical fitness (Barry, Clarke, Jenkins, & Patel, 2013). Essential cognitive functions related to memory and attention similarly enhance learning. The participation of students in physical activities have been allied to the developmental process of healthy brain and excellent cognitive performance. Therefore, teachers and the administrators should include activities and breaks to the learning process to ensure an appropriate learning experience.

Question Four

Technology forms the prime resource in the development process of learners’ mental capacity. From applications to audiobooks, technology provides a multitude of resources that teachers can use to improve the performance of students. As a result, the administrator and the involved stakeholder should ensure that a school is well supplied with the infrastructure necessary and appropriate for learning. Similarly, the school should have perfectly working laboratories and library (Lepp, Sanders, Barkley, Rebold, & Gates, 2013). Teachers can use audio and video tapes to enhance the students’ communication skills. Offering group assignment in which the students are to research can foster collaboration. Teachers should also offer tasks and activities that enhance creativity and critical thinking such as discussion forum and peer-reviewed materials.


Question Five

According to Maslow, people are motivated to work depending on their levels of needs, author`s theory (Hierarchical of Needs) involves five stages. For instance, people behave in a manner that resolve their essential needs before progressing up to other higher ranks of needs. Employees’ motivation is a crucial factor in the workplace but identifying the best method possesses a problem (Maslow, 2015). An employee must feel his or her achievement level before moving to another one. This is similar to school as teachers must first feel fulfilled before translating this to the learners. The administration should therefore motivate teachers through, for instance, offering flexible working time for a balanced work-life of the teacher.




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