Legalization of Marijuana

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Legalization of Marijuana
Legalizing marijuana is a need to enable the effective and relevant use of drugs in
different states. People went to pot due to impaired legalization or some privileges. The most
important thing is to eliminate the discriminatory element in this legalization process and
regulate different state institutions. Health and production concerns in countries, especially in the
United States are in the limelight. Therefore, legalizing marijuana is an immediate need. So far,
the legalization of marijuana has become controversial in different states. Concerning the impact
on people, both positive and negative, it is imperative to depict effective legalization. In the
context of the workplace, legalizing marijuana has become a healthy debate, Government and
health departments are intending to come up with a final call now.
“Legalizing marijuana in the workplace is a great risk in preserving the safety and health of
workers, and it opens ways for organizations to maintain productivity and develop an effective
and pertinent anti-drug policy.”
Specific Context for Supporting Reason 1
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Marijuana is legal, and employees seem unproductive and depict the work impairment.
Employees have been seen high all the time in the company, and it is just due to the increased
legalization of marijuana (Schroth, Hody and Chaffin 36).
Explanation of or reasons for this supporting reason
In many state organizations, workers have taken the benefits of legalized marijuana. They
usually take it in medicines to stay fit and productive. People suffering from different diseases
cannot sustain the workability and productivity in the workplace without this legalized
prescription. The increasing legalization of marijuana is a huge threat due to increasing drug
addiction in the workplace. Organizations have to come up with the pertinent anti-drug policy to
regulate its employees (Schroth, Hody and Chaffin 37).
Specific Context for Supporting Reason 2
Legalization of marijuana is a major concern of the management of the company,
especially in the United States, when creating accommodation strategies. For Instance,
legalization fosters the effective medical workplace accommodation policy.
Explanation of or reasons for this supporting reason
Effective medical workplace accommodation policy is good for both employees and
organizations to regulate the use of marijuana. For instance, the policy may include physician
documentation, the rationale of using marijuana, and the responsibility of the employee. It is
necessary to implement against this legalization to foster the productivity (Schroth, Hody and
Chaffin 38).
Specific Context for counter argument 1
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Legalizing the marijuana is a good approach because it contains the limited scope. The
government legalized marijuana to treat glaucoma or chemotherapy. People are using marijuana
as prescribed medicine to get better treatment. It has been revealed that a worker at the
workplace usually takes benefits from this legalization to get better treatment and contribute to
productivity and success. Employees want to be fit in the company to sustain the work. On the
other hand, the firm does not have to change the anti-drug policy repeatedly, as it can impose the
same federal law on employees in the workplace.
Response to Counter Argument 1
Health benefits for people in the company, especially people suffering from glaucoma or
chemotherapy, are effective to increase efficiency. It is the right way to talk benefit of this
legalization to facilitate employees instead of altering anti-drug policy and considering it a threat
to the employee safety, health, and productivity (Ludlum and Ford 94).
Specific Context for counter argument 2
Legalizing marijuana is not a threat to employee health and productivity. Legal marijuana
is only a threat for people, which depict the non-medical use. In an organization, if the
management is examining the rationale of using marijuana along with the physician
documentation, the threat can be eliminated. No doubt, legalizing is increasing suicide attempts
of people. However, it seems rare in an organization (Anderson, Rees and Sabia 2369).
Response to counter argument 2
Removing criminal penalties for using and cultivating medical marijuana is a sign of
positivity. States department does not want to ban marijuana production due to health concerns
and medical prescriptions. The risk of perverting safety and health is not associated with the 
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legalization. Some awareness programs are needed to guide people on social and personal issues
to reduce suicide attempts.
These counterarguments are right, and these can be the main concerns of state or health
departments. Legalizing is a good move by state dep 

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