Marketing strategy for VOLTAMP

Marketing strategy for VOLTAMP Company Oman

Table of Contents
                 Pestle analysis	
                 SWOT  analysis	
                 Market situation of Voltamp company
                  Market segment and Market share
                  Determining the growth opportunities of the company
                  Strategy in the Electricity industry
                   Ansoff’s Matrix
                   Market segmentation for the products of the company
                   Market segmentation for the products of the company

In the age of dynamic businesses, organisations require competitive strategies that are sustainable and provide a competitive advantage. For an organisation superior business performance can be achieved through effective marketing strategy that ultimately provides value to the customer. 
Began as a modest company in 1987, Voltamp Group is a best example that depicts the entrepreneurial spirit as well as the manufacturing expertise, by becoming the leader in engineering design and manufacturer in Middle East and North African region. With its global partnerships, the company has offered a broad range of effective solutions to its varied clients that includes ministries and government bodies, private sector giants and multinational corporations across industries. The product range of organisation includes an extensive variety transformers of power as well as distribution, switch gears of lower voltage, and substations that are packaged with the help of state-of-art technology at Sohar and Rusayi  where there are manufacturing facilities. The company has its competitive edge from in house expertise, modern technology, and service capability for its products and it exports fifty percent of its products. 
To become a crucial  benefactor for the power sector growth of Middle East as well as North Africa and become a brand leader through the development of solutions as well as quality products ultimately maximizing the benefits of stakeholders.
Become a manufacturer hub for the switch gears and transformers for the generation, distribution and transmission of networks.  Bound to offer total solutions for the power requirements of the power systems in the Middle East and North Africa.
Pestle analysis
The pest analysis framework is crucial for the strategic management of an organisation, and the goals are aligned to the strategies of organisation  based on this analysis. 
Political factors
Economy as well as the environment of the country, is directly or indirectly affected by the political factors, and the country is authoritarian even though it is liberal with strong traditional values. As a part of political reforms, a strategy by the government has been developed that includes spheres such as public sectors, judiciary, safety, socioeconomic development and the development of infrastructure. The goal is to make these departments attain international standards to form a standard foundation for all the enterprises. The country is regarded as a bureaucratically difficult country with no income tax offering higher salaries than the other west countries. Consumers are protected in the country in terms of safety, 
Social factors
Oman is very much traditional in terms of changing dynamics of preferences, values and tastes,  influenced by religion implementation of religious power in daily life. Education is considered as an investment in the country, while nationals are privileged and are benefited from state laws as well as business regulations. All the citizens have equal opportunities irrespective of gender, and class. Even though the country is a Muslim country,  it exceptionally allows all types of cultures.
Technological factors
The choice of consumers is widened by the technological advancement that obviously eliminates services and goods of low quality, while the norms associated with religion and culture are incorporated here. Utilization of technological devices is higher in the country which is two fold when compared to that of any European country. The country is very objective, with technological insights , and advances in technology is vital for sustaining competition and  growth of economy.  In order to meet the global standards, the country applies smart regulations, encourages public private partnerships, and innovations are the heart of the long strategies of the government.(Chebib,2016).
Legal factors
A regulatory framework has been developed by Oman country is facilitated and benefited from FDI because of the well regulated environment. The major law of the country is Sharia Law, while the free zones of business are benefited from the absence of import duties, freedom from currency restrictions.(Grant,2014). Criminal laws in the cou 

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